Friday, September 2, 2011

Connor's bigger boy room :)

Around the 4th of July I mentioned to Libby , after seeing how well she decorated her niece's nursery, that I wanted her help for our next nursery. Then went on to talk about how I was thinking I was ready to make some changes to Connor's room. She said she would be game to help me through it. To say I was excited would be an understatment! We started out deciding what to put above the crib and after a good search through google, we decided on a whale. I knew I didn't want a theme per se, but mainly just wanted to focus on the colors used. I still loved his wall color and had no desire to paint anyway! So, without further ado, welcome to Connor's room!

View from his door

The whale! Connor loves it and tells it "night night" every single night and for nap time. He also likes to take people to his room and show them his "ish" :)

I had these shelves in his baby room, but they were brown. I never liked them because I felt like his room had too much brown. I sanded them and spray painted them navy blue and now I love them! I'm not totally set on what I have on there, but it works for now. And, no, I was not the one that put the football up there, but Matt made it very clear it was staying! Oh well, Connor loves it and it's another thing he says "night night" to every time he goes to bed. He also loves the little alligator and has to give it a kiss every morning. He cracks me up with his routines!

The curtains were originally just plain white until I found the ribbon and sewed it to the top and bottom for a little extra pop. The little side table was originally brown as well, and that baby got sanded and sprayed as well. Libby made the signs and I love, love, LOVE them!!!

And then directly behind you, if you are facing the chair, and to the left of his doorway is the changing table. I am ready to get ride of it and decorate the top, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Hanging on to that one last baby thing, I guess (well besides the crib) :) I'm not sure exactly what I'll do when I take the changing pad off, but I do know I'll have a lamp, some picture frames and maybe some books on it somewhere?? We'll see. I'm sure it'll consist many "Matt, what do you think about this?" moments! ha

Here is a close up of his artwork a la Libby. The alphabet is self explanatory. The numbers that are in blue represent his birthday :)

And his bible verse. Didn't she do a fabulous job?!

So, there you go! I love his new room! I even found a quilt at the Pottery Barn Outlet that would match it perfectly when I switch him to a toddler bed, so I'll be able to stick with this for a while! Hold me to that, will ya? ;)


Rachel said...

Cute! I love the whale above his bed!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room - the whale is adorable and everything ties together SO well:) That is so precious that he says goodnight to everything...what a sweet boy!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful labor day weekend!


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