Saturday, September 10, 2011

eighteen months

My sweet little Connor is 18 months old! Before I know it, he is going to be 2 and I just don't know how I'll deal with that! I need my baby back! I decided to take a picture yesterday, because I think he looks so much bigger than he did 6 months ago. He acts it, that's for sure!

The increase of hair and teeth is what does it! And he has slimmed up some, too :(

It is amazing how much they change at this stage. Not only in appearance, but in the things they do. Some things they are supposed to do, some they are not ;).

mobility: always.on.the.move. Seriously, it amazes me that he doesn't take long naps during the day, because he never stops! There's not much else to say about it this month. He is trying to jump more, but still can't get his foot off the floor. He is also trying to do a roll by himself and will push off with one foot , but only get about halfway and come back down.

language: he is still talking up a storm. He is only quiet in situations he is not real sure of, but as soon as he gets comfortable, it's back to his talkative self. He is starting to really mimic us, which has included telling other things around the house "no" in a really serious voice. Or he'll tell something (or ME!) to "bop!", which means stop. I'm interested to see how this plays out in MDO, which he starts Monday!

teeth: He has all four molars now :)

food: still going good, which I am so thankful for. I realized the other day that when we make hamburger steaks he is eating 1/4 lb hamburger steak AND a bowl of macaroni with it. I would say that his favorite right now are berries...of any kind. Hopefully his eating habits won't change anytime soon.

favorites: he still loves his books. One of the cutest things right now is follow me from room to room (usually when I am cleaning or getting ready to go somewhere) and bring his book with him and just sit on the floor and read. As soon as he realizes I have gone to another room, I will hear "Mommy?" and here he comes to find me. So sweet! He also thinks the iPad is his. I did add a couple of educational games for him to play, one of which is Elmo, so that is probably why he has grown increasingly attached to it. (and yes, that is a ponytail. I did it as a joke for when Matt got home one day and I had to do it again for a picture. It was too funny not to!)I mentioned that he was liking football more last month, but it has passed golf for the time being. He loves to throw a football, catch a football and watch a football game. And he loves to say "touchdown" and throw his arms up in the air. And when he has a football in his hand and says "Momma! Football!", you better believe I get my arms up as quick as possible. If not a football will no doubt hit me square in the face!

dislikes: as of this past week or so he has continuously told me when he has a dirty diaper. It doesn't matter if it is barely dirty, he doesn't want it on. Therefore, I have been putting him on the potty (not expecting anything, fyi.. just getting him used to it, I guess) and got one of my favorite pictures. I'm sure he'll kill me one day that I put this on the internet, but it's worth it :)

He doesn't like it when I am cooking and not paying attention to him. He is on a big mommy kick right now, but I am soaking it all in because I am fully aware that it won't last forever!

new funny/sweet things: he is such a creature of habit. He loves to brush his teeth, but he also has to comb his hair right after. If you try to do one without the other, he WILL let you know it's not right. Another thing he has started doing is something that he has copied from me. Used to when he would climb off of the chair he was sitting in with me or off of the bed, I would say "Connor" like he was falling. Now when he slides off, he will say "Nonner" using that same inflection. Makes me laugh every time! He is such a lover boy, too. He will ask for "ugs" and "disses" all day long. He usually can't get through a meal without asking for at least 2 hugs. And he will just pat and rub my back during it too :). Sometimes If I am not urgent enough in my movement to kiss him he will either grab my shirt or my face and pull me to him! He has recently become interested in this box of puzzles that he has. There are about 100 2 piece puzzles that form a picture of a "first word" for children. I tried yesterday to see if he could match them up if there were multiple pieces spread out and he could!

It was so cute because he would study the piece in his hand real hard, look at all the pieces on the floor, back at his piece and then pick the right one! And then throw his hands up in the air and scream "NONNER!!" in celebration. HA! He is also very interested in knowing the colors of things, although he claims everything is "burple". He also likes to point out that every letter is "e". In his defense, if you go through the alpahbet, a lot of them have that "e" sound at the end.

He amazes me every day at the things he is doing and saying. I feel so utterly and completely blessed to be able to stay home and see it happen. I am so proud of the loving little boy he is becoming and am excited to see what else he has in store for us!


Cajun Cowgirl said...

Such a big boy! That potty pic is priceless!

If you don't mind me asking, what puzzle (matching one) do y'all have?

Angie said...

Oh my goodness. He is so sweet. That pic. of him on the potty is PRICELESS! :-)


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