Thursday, September 1, 2011


I am so glad it is September! I am SO ready for fall, it's not even funny! We had some nice fall like weather last week, but not today. It is H-O-T!

When I woke up this morning I was walking past our front windows when I saw something that caught my eye...

a rafter of turkeys! (rafter = group. Thank you mr. google!) I see these everywhere where we live, but just recently have then been in our yard a lot. It makes me laugh to think of people that go turkey hunting and don't see anything and I literally have to dodge them with my car almost every day!

We tried to go outside and play this morning. Connor was restless and was all mommy!, mommy!!, mommy!!!, MOMMY!!!!! every two seconds..even when he was sitting in my lap and I was giving him 110% of my attention. (How do you have 110% you ask? That is just something God blesses Mother's with. That extra 10%.)

His new thing is going to the shed and asking for his "dagon", which is his wagon. That is for sure the best $50 I've ever spent!

I think he was ready for me to quit taking pictures and just get the dagon already!

We had about a 20 foot circle of shade that I just kept going around and around. Getting out of the shade was not an option! After wagon time, it was time to drive the truck.

I love this sweet smile!

Talking, probably about how hot it is!

We weren't out there for 20 minutes before he was ready to come in and get a "dink".

I could also tell he was very tired because he was doing this every few minutes during lunch.

Bless him. Hopefully he'll take a nice, long nap today!

So I have had quite a few comments on my love for all things pumpkin on pinterest and it makes me laugh every single time! So far I have 13 pins for recipes that include pumpkin. And I have no doubt there will be more! I just love it! The first one I want to try is the pumpkin caramel cheesecakes.
Seriously. Don't those look wonderful?! No doubt mine won't look a thing like that! ha

I also think I am going to do a little bit of change on one of my side tables in my living room and of course Pinterest has provided me some inspiration :)

The easiest, but still cute are the vase fillers.

Another filler idea

I love the idea of putting pumpkins in laterns instead of candles. Of course, Pottery Barn is the culprit here.

I'm thinking some smaller ones hanging from my shelves in my LR might be pretty cute. I actually bought some burlap yesterday.

And you better believe I am busting out the halloween PJ's for little man tonight! I love holiday jammies :)

Are y'all ready for fall like I am???


Jaime said...

Mmmm, I am so with you on ANYTHING pumpkin! yum yum yum yum! I need some pumpkin muffins in my life this year :)

Janelle said...

I'm so ready for fall too! I love the burlap fall sign, I think I might have to do that as well. I already have stencils and paint. =)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am SO not ready for fall!

the workaholic momma said...

I love that pic of Connor standing against the shed...its precious!!!

I like you am a lover of all things pumpkin and am SO glad that fall is here. There's not a part of this season I don't like...other than its proximity to winter;)


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