Tuesday, August 9, 2011

17 months!

Well, my sweet boy is 17 months. I hesitate saying this, but this month was one of my favorites. As much as I so miss him being a little baby, I am loving this new interaction with him. He is such a ray of light in our lives and I honestly have a hard time being upset about anything with him and his sweet personality.

He is getting so big. He recently popped out of the 18 month sleepers. I was feeding him his breakfast and noticed his cute little toe poking out.
Poor guy! In the past I have always been able to carry over the previous size to the next size for a couple of months, but I don't think that is going to be the case this time. I got his feet measured yesterday and they were a 6 1/2 wide! Baby boy is going to have big feet!

mobility: I was definitely right when I said last month that he would be climbing the couches soon. He isn't as big of a climber as others, but I think that is because everything besides the couches are high. He doesn't try to climb out of his crib much, but I have seen him step on his bumpers to try. Thankfully they are so thin that they just fold straight down and don't give him any leverage. His speed is constantly set on "running" and he is quick! The leash has become a staple on our shopping trips, because if he lets go of your hand, he is off! His favorite thing to do right now is to hold his hands straight up in the air and fall forward onto something soft

He was climbing up on the couch and then climbing up on the arm rest to fall into the couch to do this. After that I decided I better start putting the cushions onto the floor to let him play on. Thankfully, he is pretty cautious about WHERE he falls, just not how.

language: I sat down this morning to write down all of his words and he is right around 102. That includes family member names that he can say when he sees their pictures, as well as things he can point out with the corresponding word. Now, of course, a lot of those are things I might only understand, but that most people would figure out if they paid attention to what he was doing or looking at. For example, when he starts picking up his toys he will say "me uck", which means clean up. Well, I guess that wasn't a great example because you probably still wouldn't know if I weren't there to explain! I'm not sure if that is what is counted as a word, but I figured if he used it repeatedly for the same thing, then it counted! He understands just about anything I tell him to do and loves to be mommy's helper. He will clean up his milk that is spilled if I give him a paper towel and he will sometimes bring me something that I have described that is across the room. One of our favorite things though, is how he will look at us so seriously and just let loose a whole string of babble. I have noticed one that he keeps repeating and I can't imagine what in the world he is talking about! It is SO stinking cute, though!

teeth: We have molars!!!! Well, 3 of them at least. One is still swollen, but I know it will be here soon because his nose is running like crazy. Always the telltale sign for him!

food: He is still a good eater, but one thing I have a hard time getting him to eat is plain chicken. He will eat it in pasta, but just not plain. He will still eat the best when he is occupied. Case in point: Yesterday he ate an entire bowl of steamed carrots in the car because one of his movies was on. Then today he acted like he didn't like them. I don't know what that is all about! We obviously found out that he likes corn on the cob, too!

favorites: BOOKS! The past couple of weeks he has barely touched his toy box. He figured out how to open the door to his closet, which is where his books are, so that is where he has spent the majority of his time. He will get a book, go sit down and start to read it. I have got to videotape it because it is the cutest thing ever! Apparently all of his books have the same words written in them, because he says the same thing every time :). Football has also become one of his favorites. Just in time, too! Matt likes to lay down on the couch and throw the football up and catch it. Well Connor now tries to do it too and once he gets tired of trying to do it himself, he wants to lay on your chest with his head by yours and have you do it. He also has a heck of an arm, so you have to be on high alert around him!

dislikes: He has figured out that time out is a punishment and not a fun game. If I ask him if he wants to go to timeout (obviously when he is doing something he isn't supposed to do) he will quickly say "no" and for the most part quit doing what he was doing. YAY! I hope it continues :) He does still get pretty upset when I tell him no, but he has quit hitting me. He will just burrow his brow at me and grunt. It's bad that he is still cute when he is being ugly!

new funny/sweet things: Yesterday we were in the bathroom about to get in the shower and he climbed up on his step stool, which was by the toilet and toilet paper. He grabbed a piece of paper off and proceeded to wipe himself like a girl!!! (he was naked). I seriously just died laughing out loud. He pays more attention to me than I think!!! He has also loves to help me make up the bed in the morning by handing me the "billows" one by one.

When he has to stand on his tiptoes to see something, he stands on the very tip of them! It cracks me up every time!

He recently has started wanting to play in his crib. I don't know what that is all about, but it allowed me to wash the dishes without him pulling on my pants acting like he is in some kind of horrible pain. Ha!

We love you sweet Connor!

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