Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's that time again! Time to link up with Jamie for

I'm loving the beautiful weather! Yes, it is hotter than blue blazes, but I don't care! Sunshine and a little color on my skin just makes me a happier person!!!
I'm LOVING the "Reveal" party that Brent & Rachel threw Saturday night. It was so much fun! If I can figure out a way to get all of my family here to do it next time, I will!

When you first walked in, you were told to choose a lei that represented your choice of "boy" or "girl" for a picture later on.

We held the lei's up for Connor to pick and he picked a boy! He wanted a playmate!

After you choose your lei, there was a board to also mark what you think baby is.

Then you had to choose what boy name and what girl name you thought they had chosen. They had some cute names picked out! Boy names were Rowen, Beckitt, and Warner. Girl names were Hadley, Olivia and Isla (with a silent "s", like the actress)

All of the wonderful food. Everything possible was pink and blue. Rachel worked SO hard in the kitchen the day before and it paid off!!!

Even the punch was colored!

A game of guessing how much candy was in the jar. The winner won the jar of candy. It's a good thing I didn't win because I have NO control when it comes to candy!

Finally after we ate we got to find out. I was a nervous wreck, so I can imagine how Rachel must've felt!!! She gave us all cupcakes and the answer was in the middle and it is......

A BOY!!!!!!!!!

His name is Rowen Thomas. Oh, I just love it. I cannot wait to meet sweet Rowen and be his favorite aunt!!! (Yeah, that's right April!!! ha) Matt is super excited because Connor will have a playmate. They will be 19 months apart, which will be perfect!

I'm loving that I made blueberry pancakes last night and they seriously turned out blue! Matt made waffles out of his and made a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I do not love, however, that he can eat stuff like this and not weigh a million pounds. So not fair!
Can you see how the inside is blue?!

I'm loving this "I'm guilty" look that Connor has written all over his face. It helps that he has blueberries all over him too! He is going for the huge thing of bubbles that I keep in that closet :)

I'm loving that when I got out the camera yesterday, he looked up, made this face and said CHEEEEEESE! haha. He knows what a camera is!

I'm loving the Cricut Expression that I got for my birthday!! This thing is amazing and I have a feeling we are going to become fast friends! Thanks, Mom!

I'm loving this Voluspa candle in Crisp Champagne that Becky and Billy got me. It is seriously one of the best candles ever. It is the perfect amount of sweet smell. I think these are going to be my new candles. I'm sure they are sold many places, but I know for sure they are at Francesca's and Anthropolgie.

Speaking of Anthropologie, I am loving this book that my sister in law, April, got me for my birthday.

It is a book of questions for each day for five years. I think it will be neat to be able to see how things have changed in five years! Plus, it looks pretty!

Here is an example of what it looks like.

Beside the 20, you obviously fill in the year and then there is the spot for your answer. Today's question is "On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy are you?" I by next year I can say 10!!!

There are just a few things I am loving today. What are you loving? Link up with Jamie and share!


Joeylee said...

what great games to play for a reveal party! how fun.

Connor is adorable!!

Rachel said...

Stopping by from Jamie's blog! Your son is adorable.

Greer's Gossip said...

Love those pictures from the reveal party and your blueberry pancakes look amazing!!

Audra said...

I'm so excited you got a cricut machine Kelli! I have been wanting one of those lately :) Let me know how you like it!!


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