Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

We had such a great Memorial Day! We spent time with the whole family (minus Brent, Rachel and ROWEN!!!) at Matt's dad's house. They have the perfect house for their big family with a lot of land to run and play. It's a good thing because between 4 brother and sisters there will be a lot of little cousins running around!

After an amazing meal we all headed outside to play cornhole and watch Connor play around. We had 4 little swimming pools filled with water and a water table to boot. Becky was pretty accurate when she called it the Redneck swimming club!

While Matt and I whooped up on Kyle and Libby in cornhole (!!) BeBe took Connor around for a little ride on the truck golf cart. He loved it and thought he was big stuff!

Those rosy red cheeks are the sign of a verrrryyy hot day! It was so hot that at one point I looked over at one of the pools and saw this:
He is so crazy! While Matt was trying to cool off (should've been smart like me and worn his swimsuit and then he could've just sat in the pool!), Connor and Grandaddy were looking at his new boat.

Apparently sticking your tongue out helps you while driving the boat.

It seriously was the perfect day! It gave us a glimpse into what our upcoming Florida trip is going to be like....we can't wait!

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Kayla and Aaron said...

I love looking at pictures of your sweet little boy! When are you headed to Florida? We are going to Seagrove Beach next week!


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