Monday, June 27, 2011

Toes in the sand with a Sippy Cup in hand

We just got back from the most wonderful vacation ever! The next few days of blogging are probably going to be terribly boring for most of you, but ever since Matt and I have been married I have kept a journal of our trips together. I know my family didn't really care to hear about every single detail then, but things change once you have children!

We left Saturday morning at 4:45, which meant we had to have the car packed Friday night. Connor could obviously tell we were going somewhere and wanted to make sure we didn't forget him! He kept wanting to be in the back of the car and was saying and waving "Bye Bye" every couple of minutes.

When we woke him up the next morning to get in the car, he had the most confused look on his face. Becky got a picture of it with their camera, but I don't have it yet. It was hilarious! I think getting up so early was the perfect plan for him because he really did great on the trip down. Since Brent and Rachel weren't going to be able to stop at Peach Park (in Clanton, AL) on the way back, we stopped on the way down there. If you have never been to Peach Park and live close or are passing by, I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only do they have some fabulous peaches, but they have the best ice cream and other fresh vegetables.

Plus, it is the 1/2 way point from Nashville to Destin!

They had a close to life size ceramic horse and cow that Connor was obsessed with.

As soon as he would sit on one, he would squeal and then point to the other one.

He thinks he is big stuff.... can you tell?!

These blue eyes slay me and I am lucky enough to have 2 sets to stare at everyday!

Before we left we had to go down and swing for a few minutes. My poor husband had to be out in public with me looking like that. That is what getting up at 3:30 in the morning will do for you!

Before we knew it we were passing over the bridge. We rolled down all the windows to enjoy the breeze and view. Connor loved the wind and kept his hands open like this the entire time.

Once we got to the room, we threw on our bathing suits. Connor kept running up to the window and saying "water". He was ready to go!

Gosh, I just love this view. Isn't God good?!

Connor's first time to dip his toes in the sand. Now, I'm serious about this.. you probably won't want to watch unless you are family and REALLY want to see his first seconds minutes in the sand. If you watch and are bored, don't say I didn't warn you! ha

Now, this is the life. I love my little family and making new memories with them!

I can say, without a doubt, that Connor wasn't a huge fan of the sand. In fact, he made pretty sure he stayed on the blanket for the first day.

And when you did put him in it, he made a pitiful face like this:

What a silly boy! We only stayed out there for a couple of hours because us young folk decided we wanted to go out to eat and the parentals and Connor needed to go to the grocery store. We went inside and showered and when I brought Connor downstairs to put a diaper on him, he made a run for it and headed for the balcony. There is nothing like a bare baby bottom!

My handsome hubby and I getting ready to leave. When I told him I wanted to take a picture, he said "I should probably get used to this." He was right!

We ate at Pompano Joes. I love the atmosphere and the food was good, but overpriced.

We headed home afterwards to unpack and get everything ready for the next day lounging on the beach!

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Rachael said...

I loved the video :) he was figuring it all out! I loved his superman onesie too, so cute!


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