Friday, June 24, 2011

Zoo trip with Gammie

A few days ago we decided to go on a last minute zoo trip with Gammie. It was a pretty nasty day, but it ended up being the best time to go! It wasn't hot or crowded and we just hung out in the reptile world while it rained. It passed over in 30 minutes or so and I don't think we would have been out of there any sooner anyway. Connor loved it! Almost each aquariam had a little step you could stand on for the little kids to be able to see it better. He thought he was big stuff climbing up on that step!

He was enthralled by everything he saw. I hope this is no indication of our future! I am probably not going to be that cool mom that lets his kid keep bugs, frogs, hamsters or anything of the sort.

Look at this anaconda. It is the size of a small tire! What in the world?!

Looking at the birds... or ducks ;)

Connor and his Gammie!

We turned around for 1 second and look at what he did! He has really started having no fear.

In the alligator cove they have a huge fan set up since there is no air conditioner in there. Connor LOVED the fan!

I just love this sweet boy!

This is the animal they started on. About 5 animals later they finally started to ride. He did great and would smile at me every time they went around.

I just love having a zoo pass and being able to go whenever we want. Thanks for going with us, Gammie!

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