Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Trip Day 2

Connor slept so good and even slept 30 minutes past his normal wake up time. I woke up to hearing that sweet voice saying "nana". I went downstairs to find him on the balcony eating his banana with Granddaddy. He would take a bite, walk to the rails and point to the water :)

We kind of lounged around the rest of the early morning until his nap time. He loved that I brought his blocks and had a great time playing with them. I think the way he is sitting in this picture makes him look so big!

We put him down at 9 and by 10:15 Matt and I were itching to go to the beach. Everything was set up just taunting us! Thankfully, April and Josh were just waking up and told us that they would watch him for us. So we went down until 11:30 to eat lunch and decided to just wake him up. After covering him from literally the top of his head to his toes, we headed down for his 2nd beach experience. We took his sippy cup the first day, which was a disaster. I didn't take it down there the rest of the week. There was almost no way to keep sand off of the spout, so unless you have one with a cover, don't bother!

He loved to go down to the waves. That was his favorite spot all week. Kyle started taking pictures without us knowing and we didn't realize how high we were swinging him!

If we weren't in the water, he wanted to be under the canopy playing. If you are going to the beach, I highly recommend one. I will never go without one! Here is Billy (aka Granddaddy) eating his favorite, Pringles, under it.

It was nice to have some relief from that crazy hot Florida sun if you wanted it.

At one point when I was walking back in from the ocean, I saw my two boys laid out resting. Matt said Connor sat like that himself. He is just getting too big!

I was actually able to get Connor to sit down in the sand with me and play for a little bit. He still wasn't a big fan, but he didn't get upset either.

I'd rather be doing this than laying out ANY day!

I got some major cuddles as well. If I could have frozen time, it would have been right then. Holding my little man while looking at the ocean?!?! Yes, please!

He figured out who Josh was pretty quickly and would point him out every single time he saw him. It got to the point that when we would even walk past the bed he stayed in he would say "JOSH!" I'm not sure Aunt April was too thrilled that he said his name first, though! I told her to not feel bad, as he STILL calls me Daddy.

Granddaddy and BeBe brought him his own chair and he loved it! He thought he was big stuff in his chair!

My little monkey. This child asked for a nana at least 3 times a day.

This picture just cracks me up. The expression on his face looks like he is telling someone, "You better watch it, mister!"

After a great day at the beach, we headed in to get ready to go eat at The Lighthouse . When you go before 8 almost all of the items on their menu was 1/2 off.
I got fried shrimp, fried sea bass (INCREDIBLE!), crab cakes (to die for!) and fried scallops. I confirmed that I'm not a huge fan of scallops, but everything else was great. Connor was all about telling everyone "hi" and waving. He started waving like a big boy and it about tore me up! He's just losing that babyness way too fast!

Here we are with all of the "young" kids. Can you imagine how big this group is going to be once we all have families?! I LOVE it!

Our first full day at the beach went great. Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow!


MiMi said...

Loving the beach photos and could watch HOURS of the video. But I have to say I almost cried at how big he is getting. Kell-I love your hair!

Libby! said...

I absolutely love these photos!!!! esp when I sneak a peek during downtimes at work... sshhhhh...

your baby boy looks so dadgum pretty on the beach. Looks like a magazine!

... but YOUR BANGS!!! are sooooo awesome. I was looking through these and I almost said outloud, "woah, hot mama". not sure how myco-workers wouldve responded... but I love them even more in photos! Which is always good!

I love that big group photo! just wishing I was squeezed in there... blllaaaah.

Thank you for brightening my day!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - I just love all of the pictures - Connor looks SO adorable and SO happy and I love the pics of your little family swinging Connor down at the shoreline!!! And your dinner sounds delish...I probably should have waited until I had eaten dinner to read your post - now I'm craving seafood!!! HA!

Audra said...

Kelli, you are such a hot mama jama! I love these photos! Ya'll are making such sweet memories together!

Kayla J. Rose said...

These photos make me so happy!! :) I love see Connor soak up the sun and enjoy every bit of the beach. How fun for you all to get away and have a relaxing vacation with your family!

Missing you all, each and every day!!


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