Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Trip Day 4

Tuesday morning Connor woke up at about the normal time, 6:30. When I came down, I saw him sitting in his Granddady's lap reading a book.

We followed the same schedule as the day before, letting him nap and then going outside. It was yet another beautiful day. He slowly developed more of a trust with the sand. He played in it quite a bit more.
This is pretty much what our scene looked like first thing when we got there. Becky was always in the sun reading (I'm pretty sure she read 3 books while we were there!),
MawMaw and Draw relaxed under the tent,

Brent and Rachel relaxed and read books,

while Kyle was behind the camera and Josh and April were still inside! They are still able to sleep in, so they always came out a little later :)

Connor was a little "off" this day and did a lot of little whines and cuddling.

Two ways you knew that my son was at the beach were recognized by the makeshift tee:

and ziploc bag of green beans. This child SCARFED down some cold green beans. He even cried for more. I guess instead of being grossed out, I should just be thankful he loves his vegetables!

After he got down eating, he needed a nap in the worst way, but would never settle down with either Matt or I holding him. I decided to just lay him down and let him work it out on his own.

And just so the above picture doesn't lead you to believe that he slept a peaceful sleep on the beach, I have included the one below:
He wasn't having anything to do with sleeping on the ground. Don't worry, we had a HUGE towel/blanket, so there wasn't a grain of sand touching him. So after about 15 minutes of him crying, I finally got him up and he caught his 2nd wind.

Playing with his best buddy, his Granddaddy.
I'm pretty sure we could make some pretty good beach bums!

Connor walking with his Granddaddy

BeBe and Granddaddy wanted to go on a walk with him, so off they went to get a little bit of exercise and do something that is great at any beach... people watch.
As soon as they got back, Becky sat down with him in a lounge chair under the canopy and he fell asleep instantly. They stayed like that for probably 2 hours!

Apparently one of the Kegley boys favorite things to do at the beach is ride waves. Not with a boogey board, mind you, but their bodies. It really did look like a lot of fun, but having your stomach all rough from the sand and saltwater up your nose just wasn't worth it for me.
Sometimes they would ride straight up to the sand. One time Matt's head was literally in the dry sand!

One of the cutest things I have seared into my memory forever happened while I was getting ready for supper. I was sitting on the floor drying my hair and I heard Connor walking towards the bathroom (I was right beside it). He had been outside finishing his nap on BeBe while I got ready. I turned my head and said, "Hey, baby boy. Did you take a good nap?" He jerked his head towards me and ran to me with open arms and gave me a huge hug! Oh, I just about melted right there. It was like he was telling me he missed me and loved me so much! (At least that is what I am telling myself! haha) Then he was back towards the bathroom to take his shower. Jut a little detour for some momma lovin, which I will ALWAYS appreciate!

Before we left for supper, we headed out to take a couple of pictures. First up, was the engaged couple, Josh and April.

Then all 5 of us
I'll tell you what.. that wind is brutal on your hair for pictures!

We ate at Bayou Bills that night and it was good. The atmosphere wasn't "beach-y" enough in my opinion, but the food was great. Matt had a seafood pasta, I had grouper (YUM) and one of the appetizers we got was alligator. Y'all. It was SO good! I'm definitely a gator far as food goes ;)

Connor was pretty horrible during supper. The waitress came over to say how good he is and I about snorted my water out through my nose trying not to laugh. She said, "Yeah, I know. They have their moments that no one sees." I actually let that remind me that I should count my blessings that what I thought was horrible behavior was actually what someone else considered good! (or maybe she was just trying to get a good tip?!) He really is a great natured little fella, and we all have our bad days. This just happened to be his!!

We stopped on our way home and got some Key Lime Pies from the Donut Hole (speaking of which, if you go to Destin, you MUST go there and get the Chocolate Angel. It's a donut that I will dream about until I go back!) After eating dessert, Matt asked Connor if he was ready to go to bed. Without hesitation, he grabbed his book and headed down the hallway waving and saying "night night"! HA! We all just died laughing. That is another moment I will always remember. Seeing that little blonde head walk down the hall headed towards bed. So sweet! Every other night he wanted to go around to every single person and give them a kiss (and don't you dare try to skip someone, because he would not let you forget!), but not this night. He was ready for some shut eye!

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