Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beach Trip Day 5

Well. I have some shocking news. I did not take a SINGLE picture on Wednesday! I am so disappointed in myself, but honestly we didn't do anything that day! Billy got a little too much sun the day before, so he graciously stayed in with Connor while Matt and I went outside to read. It was sunny on and off, but I think that was the most sun I got all week. It is probably because I wasn't in and out of the shade with Connor. I have found that I am so used to moving around so much with him, that after 30 minutes or so of sitting still I start trying to find something to do. How the times have changed!

The guys had plans to go play golf that afternoon, so we went in a little bit before Matt needed to start getting ready so we could take Connor to the pool. His fussiness from the day before hadn't worn off (despite having a 2 hour morning nap), so I declared it a day of recuperation for him. We came back inside and everyone else was gone, so I put Connor down for a nap. He screamed every time I would lay him down, so I just gave in and laid down on the bed with him. I took about an hour nap and woke up with him still asleep. I laid him in the pack and play and he slept for another hour. I went in the living room and opened all the curtains and doors and just reveled in the amazingness that is the beach. The sounds and the views..God is so good!!

After the boys finished playing golf, they picked up Mellow Mushroom on their way home. It wasn't near as good as the one in Franklin for some reason. We decided we wanted ice cream and I voted for Shake's. April and Josh were kind enough to stay and keep Connor so he could go to bed and we could go. It was good, but once again, not as good as the one we had in Searcy when I was in high school.

It was nice to have a lazy day and not worry about getting all pretty :)

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