Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Trip Day 3

Tuesday morning Connor decided that wake up time should be around 5:30, so his poor granddaddy and BeBe had to wake up early! By the time 8:00 rolled around, he was getting pretty fussy, so we decided to go ahead and put him down for a nap. He didn't sleep very long and was up about 30 minutes after he went down. We took advantage and headed down to the beach earlier than we had the day before. The people that were next to us on the beach had left a blow up pool, so we yanked it up before anyone else did. It was amazing how much that helped! He would just sit in there and play and I could set my chair right beside the canopy so that I was in the sun and watch him play. He was in the shade, I got some sun. It was a perfect solution!

Uncle Kyle was sweet enough to help Daddy fill the pool up. He is going to be such a good Daddy someday!!!

The way we filled it up was by bringing one of the small trashcans down from our room and filling it up with the hose that you use to wash your feet off. It took about 4 trips back and forth, but it was worth it. I tried to do it once, but by the time I would get to our spot I lost half of the water.

He would sit in there happy as a clam just pouring water out of buckets.

Getting my squeezes in as much as I can!

Since he didn't take a very long morning nap, he was ready to go down after lunch, so I rocked him for a little bit and then laid him down on the sand. He WAS NOT a fan of that, but I could tell he was about to fall asleep. As soon as he was he got sand all over his finger, so Matt wiped it off. Once Matt did that, Connor started screaming and rolled over to find out who could rescue him. Matt did and about 2 seconds later this is what happened:

He woke up refreshed and ready to go! One of my favorite things about this day was him wearing his glasses. When he would put them on, we would all say, "Oh, look at that cool dude" and the face he made was hilarious. He KNOWS he is cute!

I actually wish he would have worn them all the time because without them on he really couldn't look up very much. It is SOOO bright! That and it might have kept him from rubbing his eyes. I was not prepared for how bloodshot and red-rimmed his eyes would get. I was always afraid they were getting burned, but it was just the saltwater in the air combined with the sand he was probably rubbing in them.

One thing I was prepared for was how much stuff it would require with a baby on the beach! Poor Matt took the brunt of it most days!

After we went in and got showered, Matt, Billy and I went to WalMart to get the food to grill. While we were there I came across these:
WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Do men really wear these? Let's just say I'm glad MY man doesn't!!

When we got back, it was time to grill the food so I grabbed Connor and we went out there with Billy, Matt and Josh. On our way to the grill, Connor decided he wanted to try his hand in shuffleboard.

And of course, I had to video it. I just love how focused he is. This is another long video and I must apologize for my voice. I need to work on that..yuck!

While we were grilling, there were two little girls that were playing on their patio(they were on the ground floor). One of them was 2 and Connor had a mission and it was to get her attention. He was following her everywhere and as soon as she started talking to him, he ran back to me, wrapped his arms around my legs and tucked his head up against them! What a flirt!! I told him that was right, though. His momma is the only woman he needs in his life right now! ;)

We went inside to eat and let me tell you. My little man threw down an entire hamburger and a huge helping of green beans with a little bit of pasta salad! He was a hungry boy! He also, as clear as day, said tomato. I about fell out of my chair, I was so proud. Doesn't take much, though!

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Ashley E. said...

So cute!!! I can't wait to take Addi to the beach one day! Connor looks presh in his whale shirt!


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