Friday, May 6, 2011

SUYL-Destin, FL & Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life and also Libby for a few of my favorite things. Today is Libby's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIBBY!) so she might not even be doing it today, but I thought I'd be ahead of the game just in case!

I would definitely say that my favorite vacation was our honeymoon to El Dorado Royale in Riveria Maya, Mexico, but I'm pretty sure her idea was for it to be something that most people could enjoy. While I would love El Dorado to be a place we could vacation every year, it's just not feasible! So, I decided to talk about Destin, Florida instead! Whenever we would vacation growing up, we would always go to the beach. It was usually either Destin or Gulf Shores, but Destin was definitely my favorite. In fact, we are going in about 42 days and I couldn't be more excited!

Destin has the prettiest beaches. The sand is so smooth and white.. I just love it! There is also so much to do there. There are so many restaurants to choose from, but one of my favorites is The Back Porch and the Kegley's is The Lighthouse Restaurant . I don't think I have ever been to The Lighthouse, but I guess I will be this year! When we are there we usually don't ever leave the beach unless it is raining, and if it is we shop at the outlet malls. This year will be interesting since I obviously have a little man that can't stay outside all day, but it will be fun nonetheless! Another thing that I am looking forward to is going to Big Kahuna's and riding on the water bumper boats with Connor!

I have been thinking about some things I "need" for the trip, so here are my favorites for our vacation!

1. Some new nail polish for the fingers and toes.

There is no way I could pull off that orange on the far left. It would be great for you Tennessee fans, though! (image found here )

2. These great bathing suits from Popina

Love the ruffle!!!!

3. And this one from Land's End

It's a little sad that I am going to be 27 this year and am already graduating to one pieces. I put on a two piece to lay outside today and it just totally solidified my decision!

4. The following from Forever 21

Oh, I just can't wait!!! A full week of the waves, sand between my toes, sun on my face. YES!!!


Kayla and Aaron said...

We are going to be in Destin in just over a month and can't wait! I too, have graduated to a one piece...oh how times have changed :)

Amanda said...

First, your little boy is precious! My name is Amanda and I found your page thru kelly's korner. Me, my husband and my almost two yr old daughter, Lucy, are going to destin for the first time this summer! Loved your restaurant suggestions, do you have a favorite place to stay while you're there that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Kelli said...

We just got back from Destin...we love it! This was our third time going. We always eat at one restaurant and this year we chose The Crab Trap...yum. Last year we went to The Back Porch and loved it too.


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