Monday, May 9, 2011

14 months!

It is amazing how much things change in a month with a child this age. I know as he starts talking more it will be even more fun. I can already tell he is going to keep me on his toes with the things he says! Here are some of the recent things with our little man:

mobility: He can climb up and down steps easily. We have concrete steps going up to our back door, so we have been working really hard on getting him to learn how to do that. I am terrified of him falling on concrete. I know it will happen eventually, but I am going to take every effort to avoid it! He did learn how to get his leg on top of the bathtub this month. It does help to let me know when he is ready to get out! He is also trying to run, which is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. He high steps those little legs and I just love it. He usually does this when we are chasing him or he is excited to go get something (usually to go outside or chasing a ball). I'm not sure if this should go under "mobility", but his favorite thing to do right now is stacking and throwing. He will stack containers, then unstack them and start over. He also loves to throw balls or any other small toy items and he actually has a really good arm! He also loves to kick the balls around too and is actually pretty good for not being able to pick up his leg very high! Lastly, he has learned how to turn in circles and just laughs and laughs.. he thinks he is so funny!

language: He has added eyes, clap (ap), banana (nana), night night (nigh nigh), amen (a-man), hi and bye-bye to his list of words. He also started saying some family members names: Lance (ance or dance..sometimes he puts the "l" on it, but not very often), Papaw (ba-paw), MiMi (may-may..sooo country!), Nana and Papa. He talks about "ance" a lot. He now points me out in pictures, but will sometimes say daddy and just laugh and laugh. I guess he knows he is being silly! He is really coming along with Your Baby Can Read. He now recognizes: hi, dog, eyes, clap, arms up, and ear. I can tell had I been more frequent with it, he would probably be able to do even more. He can point out the following body parts: eyes, ear, nose, mouth, belly button and toes.

teeth: He now has 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom. I think there is at least one more coming in on the bottom and due to the amount of drool and the fact that he sticks his whole hand in his mouth to chew on his fingers, I would say his molars are coming in as well.

food: We had a rough week last week with his eating. He didn't want anything and the things he would eat, it was a lot less than what I was used to him eating. Matt was so good about this... I think I would have gone crazy if I didn't have him. He wouldn't let me stress out about it and would remind me that he would eat if he got hungry. Thankfully, I think we are over it and he is back to being a good eater. He has learned how to dig the food out of his mouth with his fingers, which is then promptly handed to me. Yum. Not my favorite new thing of his!

favorites: Being outside and going bye-bye. He loves to be outside and will occasionally throw a fit when we try to bring him back in. The other day he kept walking around the house saying "bye bye" and waving. Then he brought me two of my shoes. They didn't match, but I got the hint! Outside, we went! He still loves all balls and all trucks. I'm already thinking that his 2nd birthday might have to be "truck" themed (in a cute baby way, of course!). Along with the balls, he loves to take his bat or golf club and hit it across the room. I think I might have to get him a little tee, because he really loves for me to hold the ball and hit it out of my hand. Granted, you never know which end of the bat he will be holding, but he usually makes contact!

dislikes: Getting his diaper changed. If you want to see him throw a fit, then tell him it is time to change his diaper. The angry squeal that comes out of him is unreal. He also doesn't like for me to tell him "no" and will try to bite me out of anger when I do. Sometimes he will even bite himself, which I don't understand. I know it hurts as I have been the target of those teeth way too many times. It actually makes me a little nervous that he gets that frustrated, so I am praying that it is just a phase. One of his biggest dislikes is large stuffed animals. He will seriously run away from them.

new funny/sweet things: He has started loving on us and his stuffed animals. When we pick him up he will wrap his arms around us and pat our backs. That might be my favorite thing right now! He does the same thing to his stuffed animals. One of the funny things he does is stick his tongue all.the.time. Especially if it is something that requires concentration. I'm surprised he doesn't constantly have a rash around his mouth. He also likes to do all of the funny sounds with his tongue. Another funny thing he does is first thing in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap he wants to pat the sheep in the paintings above his bed. There are 5 different canvases that show the progression of the sheep falling asleep. He likes to pat the first one and the last one. When he pats the last one he says "nigh-nigh" (because it is the one that is asleep). He gets so excited to do it! That is another thing. This boy wakes up happy and ready to go!!

He really is just one of the happiest babies ever and I am so blessed to be his momma! Of course, he has his days, but who doesn't?! As much as he has a mommy attachment right now, I have a Connor attachment! His happiness and just pure enjoyment of the world is contagious and I have no doubt that he has made his daddy and I better people!


Rachel said...

Connor is so cute. What a smart boy! It definitely seems like he will be keeping you on your toes! Gotta love energy filled boys!!

the workaholic momma said...

WOW-I am simply amazed by all of the things he is doing and saying - how wonderful!!! The pictures of him in those boots are too cute:) Happy 14 months, Connor!

Ashley said...

He is so CUTE! I love the pics of him in the boots!

MiMi said...

I havent seen him turning in circles. I bet that is so adorable. I will never forget the Easter morning when he looked right at me and said "May May". LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!


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