Monday, March 28, 2011

Now what?!

Well. It's over. The birthday party has come and gone and honestly? I'm not handling it very well! I cried last night and told Matt that it was going too fast and before we know it he is going to be 16 and then he will be leaving the house. Ha. I actually laughed at myself, because I knew I was being dramatic, but time is just flying by! With that said, I know there is so much that I am going to love about him getting older. While we were shopping today he kept reaching his arms out for me and when I would lean down he would wrap them around me and pat my back! He was giving me a hug :) I will enjoy that as he gets older!

I had asked Chesley to take pictures of the party for me, so I didn't take one single picture myself. It was really nice to be able to enjoy the party and not worry about where my camera was!

I headed to Pam's house last Wednesday to do some light cleaning so that she wouldn't have to. Thursday we spent almost the entire day grocery shopping and getting the ingredients for all the cooking I had to do! Friday I spent all day in the kitchen and all night decorating! I had a KILLER headache and was hoping that it would go away. I woke up Saturday with the headache gone, only to be nauseous! So nauseous that I wasn't able to do anything but lay in bed. Which meant I wasn't able to make the icing for the cakes and cupcakes, and I wans't able to ice the cookies. My mom and mother in law really came through for me. Mom (and Lance, I hear!) iced the cookies for me while Pam went out and bought cupcakes and a cake for me. I was EXTREMELY sad that I wasn't able to use my cupcakes and cake as I had been perfecting the recipe for the past month! Honestly though, I was just glad I was able to be at the party. At one point I really didn't think I was going to be able to even be there I felt so bad! I have no idea what it was (I didn't have a fever, so no virus), but I think it was just my body starting my cycle. I didn't feel 100% at the party, but I am just so thankful I was able to be there!

After the party, my family stayed around and we played with some of Connor's new toys.

This is my family that came in from Arkansas. It meant the world to me for them to travel so far. I will never forget that they were here to share in this precious moment with me!

This is my cousin Crystal's kids. He sure does love them! He was over everything Friday night until they showed up. As soon as he saw Ian he was back to his happy self. You can tell he is goign to look up to him!

This is the cutest cow. Once he gets older he will be able to bounce around the house on it. Can you tell he loves it?!

My man :) He sure did put up with a lot in planning this party and he told me all day Saturday how well he thought it went. I sure do love him!!!

Playing in his ball pit. I think this was heaven on earth for him!

I cannot say enough about how much it meant to me for everyone to be there. We had almost all of mine and Matt's family there along with many friends. Our little boy is blessed with so many people that love him!


Lyndsey said...

So glad the party went well!! I am so bummed we had to miss it and I am sorry you felt bad. Hope you are feeling better! That sweet boy looked like he had a great time :) Have a great week. Hope to see you all soon

chesley said...

i know you're probably dying to see some photos!! i will post a preview tomorrow...pretty sure i might have to submit them to a publication..ha! you did an AMAZING job!!

Raven said...

Adorable pictures! You and your husband are too cute and that little boy of may have trouble on your hands when he gets older!! :)

Lana Summitt said...

Love love love love love! Can't believe it's been a year!!!!


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