Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daddy's little golfing buddy

I think one of the things Matt was looking forward to after he heard "It's a boy" was taking him to play golf. Well, today that dream sort of came true. It was just so pretty today that I knew we had to be outside. My original plan was just to lay a blanket down in the back yard and let him teeter around the yard. Instead I asked Matt if he would like for us to come ride in the cart with him while he played golf with his dad and brother. It took him about 1 second to say yes. Connor was so tired, so I had decided to let him sleep as long as he wanted to. I heard him talking at 2:30, so I went in there (without looking at the monitor) and it must have scared him, because he started crying. Which means he was probably just talking in his sleep. Oops! Usually this child wakes up jumping.. today was not the case! I got him dressed and remembered that I had bought some Birkenstock sandles for him at the consignment sale. They looked perfect with the outfit, so I started to put them on. Connor LOST it. You would have thought I was cutting his foot off. I was dying laughing (I couldn't help it.. it's not that they were hurting him. He was just throwing a fit!) and I think that made him more mad. When I took that shoe off, he took it out of my hand and, with a mad grunt, threw it on the ground! Oh me. I am in for it! Afterwards he kept pulling up his leg and touching his foot and fussing.. like he was trying to tell me he hadn't forgotten about it and wouldn't let me forget about it! haha. I know I don't need to laugh when he is throwing a fit, but it is just so hard! After he had finally calmed down, I got a few pictures before we left to show off my handsome blue eyed boy in his preppy polo outfit.

I realize he is my child and all, but I could just eat him up!

It could not have been a more perfect day to take him. The sun was shining, his alfalfa was blowing in the wind(ha) and it wasn't too hot.

I'm pretty sure he laughed the entire time we were there. He had a BLAST!!!

And what was hilarious is that he would laugh when soemone would miss a putt or hit a bad shot. How does he do that?! He has always had the best timing!

He liked to watch them tee off.

And then say "Where did it go?"

It's pretty obvious that his favorite spot was the steering wheel.

It gave him a good view of his daddy.

He also had to check the scorecard and make sure no one was cheating ;)

The Kegley men :)
That's a good looking group right there!

One of the groups we drove by smiled at us and said "Big day, huh?!" I think you could have seen Matt's smile a mile away. It was a big day! I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love creating "firsts" with our little man and cherish every single one of them!


Libby! said...

dadgum living in a different city. I would've loved to laugh and giggle at missed putts with you & little man. Maybe next time?

Kelly said...

He is so sweet! And it was a great day for golf. Cade has his own golf bag and clubs, and loves to go with Heath, so it will just get more fun for Matt:)
FYI- Emmy is also VERY opinionated about the shoes she wears. I am hoping she grows out of it, but so far, she has not:(

Raven said...

I loooove this post and I can SO relate. We have two boys and my husband, who plays TONS of golf, keeps telling me, "when the boys are older, you will never see us, because we will be golfing all the time." And my response is usually, "um, ok, you mean I get 4+ hours to myself? No kids and no husband? Why Thank you!!" :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've never commented on a post before. I honestly am not sure I know how! I just wanted you to know that Josh and I looked at this post last night and about DIED at how big Connor looks. Kelli. He is still the cutest baby in the whole world, but oh my goodness, I can hardly handle him looking like a toddler!!! (Insert Aunt April crying.) Love you, Kelli.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Those searsucker pants .... I die!!!


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