Monday, February 28, 2011

You start walking my way...

and Connor will start walking yours! Last Thursday he took multiple steps and thankfully Libby was there and captured it!

Since then he has taken a few more and has even started without any prompting for me. He is still trying to figure out how to stand up without holding onto anything, which I'm pretty sure he will need to figure out before he starts walking everywhere. I will say, I have quickly figured out that I have NO idea what I am going to do with all of the decorations on my side tables. He has figured out that they are there and I know it is just going to get harder when he starts walking and is at that level all the time!

My poor hubby is so sick. He didn't go to church with us yesterday because he wasn't feeling well and it just got worse. He didn't go to work today and went to the doctor, which is a true sign he is sick! He was worried he had strep and as soon as he said that I jumped up, grabbed my toxin free ( :) ) disinfectant and started spraying away. I even slept in the guest bedroom. I have had a cold and that was bad enough. I'm not sure I could handle strep and taking care of Connor. You don't get any days off from being a mom :) Thankfully, the doctor didn't say he had strep. In fact, he didn't tell him what he had... and Matt didn't ask. haha

Connor was so confused why his Daddy is here and why he couldn't hold him. Hopefully he'll feel better soon and I hope that Connor and I stay well, too!

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Ashley E. said...

Go Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!


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