Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March?! Really???

It is so surreal to me that it is March 1, 2011. The first thing I thought this morning was I wonder what I was doing this time last year (besides doing everything in my power to start labor)? So, I went back to this blog post to see. Man. I knew I was large and in charge by that point, but somehow I forgot just how large and swollen I was! I will say that as miserable as I was, looking at those pictures and reading those feelings of excitement made me re-live it all over again. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! I'm not going to lie... I look forward to that feeling again!

Matt is feeling much better today. He joined us in the living room for the entire day.. and by join I mean he laid there and coughed up his lungs sipped on his Gatorade. He has had TWO pitchers of Gatorade since yesterday! I tried to tell him that water is really what he needs, but he says Gatorade is better for you when you are sick. I've never heard anyone argue that water isn't the best for you, but he sure does. I decided not to argue with him and just continue to take care of him and serve him his lemon lime gatorade. Anything to make him feel better!

I, on the other hand, have developed a growth of sorts. It's rather large, has blonde hair, blue eyes and yells things like "duck" ,"truck" and "ball". Haha, seriously. I don't think Connor got further than 5 feet from me today. At one point he was in the living room showing Matt his ball, so I decided to clean the dishes. No lie, as soon as I started the water I heard him fussing and he was at my feet two seconds later pulling on my pants. It was so funny... UNTIL he BIT ME! He bit me on my back upper thigh and I just knew I was bleeding. It hurt SO bad! So I said "no" and removed him from my legs and put him in front of his box of toys (the remove and distract method) Well it didn't work. In fact he came back over to my legs and bit me again! It wasn't as hard this time. In fact I think he was actually just trying to get my pants, but since the distraction method didn't work last time, I lightly popped him on his bottom and told him no biting. It really, really hurt his feelings, but he quickly got over it and started playing.

I do think that one of the reasons he has been more clingy lately is that his lateral incisors are coming in. I can't say I have put my finger in there to feel, because that would just be asking for it, but they are really swollen and have that tell-tale white line. His canines also look swollen and there are little white dots, but dont' those come in much later??? I figured I'd just let Dr Mehrotra stick his finger in there next week and feel! haha

Well, tonight was the first night of the top 24 on American Idol and would you believe that our DVR was not going to record it?! Thankfully, we were just flipping through the channels and found it on the 4th singer. It already didn't tape last Thursday, so I would have been really upset if we missed it again. So far, Paul, Casey and Jacob are my favorite guys. Who do y'all like?

Oh, and last thing. Did ya'll see The Bachelor last night? Emily's date was my dream date! I would LOVE to ride on an elephant (it wouldn't hurt if I had her cute little legs either. I'm just sayin..) and then have her dinner afterwards. Chantal's date was awful. First, you are sitting in the middle of the safari with all of these wild animals that could at any moment attack you. If you have to have an armed guard, I don't want to be there. Secondly, she ate a worm. That is gross. I love Matt, but I wouldn't eat a worm for him. ;)


Ashley said...

Hannah bit me and my husband tonight too! What's up with that??

Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, I looked at your last March post. BLESS YOUR HEART. It is such an exciting feeling though!!! I read something the other day about how what if we could go back in time to the day our children were born with all that we know about them now, and they said our hearts would just explode from the joy and excitement. I can't believe he's going to be one soon!!!

lance said...

well i will have to agree with both of you on the water/gatorade argument. he definitely needs his electrolytes when you are sick but water is probably a lot more important to flush everything out.


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