Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday.. video edition

I'm linking up again this week with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. I'm doing it a little different and downloading some of the recent videos I'm loving!

I'm loving that Connor likes to pretend he is going to share his food:

I'm loving that Connor pointed out his toes for me today:

I'm loving how much he loves the Traveler's Insurance commercial:

I figured out that he recognized the song. Sunday we were in his room and when the song came on he dropped the book he was holding and hightailed it to the TV yelling "DOG" the whole way. Haha

And I have to add a sweet "loving on mommy" story. I know y'all probably get tired of hearing these, but this is my journal and I don't EVER want to forget these moments! This morning I was rocking Connor. He always lays his body up against mine and kind of cocks his head backwards on my shoulder. Today he took his left arm and kind of wrapped it around my neck. I thought, oh how sweet. He is hugging me! Then he leaned up, PUCKERED HIS LIPS(!) and gave me a kiss. Then laid his head back down and just smiled and giggled like he knew what he did was sweet! I, of course, teared up. Words cannot describe my love for my little man!

Ok, speaking of tearing up and crying. What in the WORLD is going on with my hormones? Did I miss this chapter in my pregnancy book? I have had a headache everyday since Valentines Day and I am crying at everything. I don't know if my body is trying to return to it's pre-pregnancy state or what, but I'm so over it!
I'm working my last 6 hour shift tomorrow. I'm glad I did it (and will probably do it again at the next sale), but I'm so glad tomorrow is it!
Happy Wednesday y'all!

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Libby! said...

ahhh! Videos of him are now my favorite... for a while, I couldnt get enough photos and now I cannot get enough of seeing it second hand!

1st video: I love that at the beginning before he eats... he looks at the camera and giggles. It made me think, I wonder what we would do if you just sat the camera on REC for a while. :)

2nd: He is doing so good with that! He knew exactly what you said! I love seeing his mind churn!

3rd: BAAHAHA!! He was playing with something and immediately heard the commercial. I hope you DVR-ed that cause that is too precious!

Love you. See you and that precious almost-one-year-old soon!!


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