Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love to share with y'all what I am loving on this BEE-U-TIFUL Wednesday!

I'm loving taking my little boy to the park in this wonderful weather. He loves it more and more each time!

I'm loving American Idol this season! There is some great talent. In fact, I think it is the best I've seen (since I am an expert and all ;) ) in a few years! Also, I am loving Stephen Tyler! I have always liked Aerosmith and I love when he sings every once in a while! Lastly, I am love, love, LOVING the young'ens! But, I wanted to go all mama bear on the group that let JC go. It just made me think of what I would do if that were Connor and I almost cried! He was so precious. He just accepted it and told the group that kicked him out to have fun. I just wanted to hug him. (ok and now I just saw that he went through. I LOVE JC!!!)

I'm loving The Biggest Loser as well! The past few seasons have been more about the game and at least this season if they are playing "games" they are admitting it! Last night the biggest guy there lost 20 lbs (he had only been pulling 10 or so) to win for their team. His dad had to turn around from the camera because he was boo-hooing. I lost it! It was so sweet to see that daddy so proud of his son! (Can you tell I have welcomed Aunt Flo back into my life and am a wee bit emotional?!?!)

I'm loving that my little man took both of his naps today and woke up with the most adorable bed head!

I'm also loving that as soon as Connor gets up from his nap he has to be touching me for at least the first 15 minutes. So sweet!

I'm loving that when I go outside to do something Connor will hightail it to the back door to peek out and see what I am doing.

I'm loving the DIY wreath tutorial I found today! I'm not going to show you the picture just yet in case mine doesn't turn out like that..haha!

I'm loving the cleaning schedule I have finally given myself. I can actually enjoy my "me" time while Connor naps.

I'm loving that I won Chesley's giveaway! I can't wait to get my frame, find the perfect picture and put it in the perfect spot!

And as always, I am loving my sweet family that God has blessed me with!


Janelle Norman said...

I am also loving Biggest Loser! Way to go Arthur....FINALLY!!! Oh and yes I also cried as I do every week.

Ashley E. said...

I love your chore chart! I need to make one!

Angie said...

I found a wreath tutorial using cupcake wrappers. sounds funny,but they are SO cute! I was going to make one for the kids' bday but ran out of steam. :-) can't wait to see yours!


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