Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

What a great Valentines' Day we had! We had decided to celebrate Saturday night, mainly because it is just easiest for us. We went to Bonefish Grill again this year and it did not disappoint! We both ordered off of the 'specials' menu and it was wonderful! I ordered Imperial Wolf fish and Matt ordered Haddock! I was so proud of myself for ordering something new. I had never even heard of Wolf fish, but it wasn't fishy at all. Matt's wasn't either. Of course, as an appetizer we ordered calamari. If you like calamari, you will LOVE theirs. It is different and we think it is the best! Even better than Carraba's, which is saying a lot! We ate WAY too much. So much, in fact, that I barely ate anything the next day! That is bad! I think a lot of people don't like Bonefish because they don't know what to order, but we have never had anything we didn't like. It is a little expensive, but we never go without giftcards. Well, heck, we don't go anywhere without giftcards! haha

Ready for our date!

Last year on Valentines' Day. I was HUGE!!

I didn't give my littlest Valentine his present until Monday afternoon. Not only did he have something from Mommy and Daddy, but he also had something from all of his great-grandparents! What a loved little boy he is!

hmmm.... what is in this bag?

notice the tongue. That is his new thing. :)

We got him a card that makes sound. He was fascinated with it!

I love when he looks at me like this when he thinks something is funny. LOVE!

Great Grandparents spoiling him already! I put the money in his piggy bank for him :)

He IS my dream date! Even when he is pouting because I'm not doing what he wants me to do! haha

Have y'all been enjoying the beautiful weather? We headed to the park this afternoon and little man was much more excited about the swing and slide! He just laughed and laughed the entire time! I have a feeling I better stock up on some serious sunscreen because we are going to live outside this summer! I can't wait!!

Side note: Working at the consignment sale went great! My "boss" was my future brother-in-law, Josh!! He had me do some organization, which is like my favorite thing in the world to do! (I'm being serious!) I consigned some things Sunday, went and browsed and mapped out my plan on Monday and am shopping on Thursday! Connor had a great time with Gammie and she was stinkin awesome and kept me updated with texts. It made it sooooo much easier. I know she is looking forward to the next two times I work, as I'm sure Connor is too! I will say that I think he missed me pretty good :) He smiled and laughed so big when I got there and then wouldn't let me out of his sight for the rest of the night. I tried to go outside to get something out of the car and he cried so loud I could hear him outside! I love that little boy!

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Ashley E. said...

We went to Bonefish last night too! I almost got the wolf fish! I ended up getting shrimp and scallops. :)

Hey, email me your address. I'm almost done with the bunny outfit.


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