Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop til you drop and the cutest video EVER!

I had previously mentioned that I was working at the consignment sale so that I would be allowed to shop early. I was allowed to shop on Thursday afternoon, so that morning Connor and I headed to Gammie's house that morning so we could have a little playdate with Layla. We hadn't seen her since New Years Eve and I was missing her!

I loved seeing Connor with her. He even tried to put his ball in her mouth at one point, which is actually a huge compliment. He doesn't share his ball with just anyone :)

He also wanted to hold her hand.

And use her to pull himself up. I love her face in these. It's like she is saying "what in the world is he doing to me?!"

Pam trying to read Layla a book while Connor kept trying to turn the pages.

After they left, I got Connor down for (what was supposed to be) his nap. I had to stop by Hobby Lobby before I got to the sale and I can't even tell y'all how nervous I was! It felt like Black Friday all over again, but it was all for my baby boy and that made it so much more fun! After shopping that early, I will never do it any other way! It was awesome! There were maybe 50 people there, which meant no rushing and no waiting in lines. It was awesome! It also helps that I have a boy.. no one was even in my section! It feels so good to know that we are set for clothes for the spring and summer and I spent less than $200!
Everyday/play clothes

Swim trunks for the beach this summer

PJ's. I am a sucker for cute PJ's. And those with shorts? Love it!

Got to have some shorts! Aren't those plaid shorts adorable?!

We all know how much I love smocked outfits!

I also got the rest of his birthday gift and his Easter gift as well as a deep freezer for us! If you have been to my house I'm sure you are thinking "Where in the world are they going to put a deep freezer?" Well, we are putting it in our shed (it has electricity). I hadn't thought much about it until we were on our way home with it, but I just got so tickled at the fact that I am going to have to walk outside to go get my frozen food! Of course, we still have our small freezer in the house, but this will allow us to buy bulk items. Matt has a Sam's card and is a sucker for buying in bulk, so there is no telling what will end up in that freezer! All in all I am very pleased with my purchases!

To end the post with a bang, I leave you with this video taken tonight when I was getting boogey man ready for bed.

There is NOTHING in this world like hearing children's laughter!!


Ashley E. said...

Oh man, we hit up Rhea Lana this afternoon. I got SO many smocked outfits, it was nuts. So much fun!!!

Lyndsey said...

Cutest laugh ever!! That was too sweet and funny!

Cara Christina said...

Im obsessed with those smock outfits! I must get Coleman some! So CUTE!

chesley said...

that laugh!! claire LOVED it :)!!

Ashley said...

What great deals! And precious video!


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