Thursday, January 13, 2011

We left the house!

After 3 full days of being cooped up we finally got out. Suprisingly, I wasn't going stir crazy, but it was still nice to get out! Gammie came and picked us up to do a little shopping before we met up with Matt and Kyle for dinner. Before we left I had to get a picture of him in his adorable jacket. Kayla got this for him at one of my showers and I was so excited for him to wear it.

I love my little dog!

We stopped by Target first so that I could get a little more for his Valentine's basket. When I showed Matt what all I got him. Matt's response was "Do you get Valentine's presents?" Umm, really? We have been together for close to 9 years and you are asking me this? I'm guessing now is not the time to tell him I have been contemplating getting a St Patricks Day present???

Afterwards we headed to Joann's to look at the scrapbooks. I decided that I was going to get a pretty Christmas-y scrapbook to put all of the Christmas cards we receieve each year in. I can't wait to look at them 10 years down the road and see how much everyone has changed! While we were walking around looking at fabrics, I remembered I had a 40% off coupon and got my very first pair of overpriced scissors!!

Next to purchase is a seam ripper as it will be the 2nd most used tool in my sewing projects :)


MiMi said...

He looks so cute in that sweater. I love that gray and red! and the puppy dog coat...oh my my, you did good Auntie Kayla!

Kayla J. Seaman said...

Worth it!!!!! :D

Susan said...

LOVE his little jacket! Too cute! Great idea on the Christmas card scrapbook too:)))

Ashley said...

That coat is the Cutest thing ever! So precious!

the norman family said...

i love your blog. your little guy is too precious!

Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness...that outfit is seriously adorable!!

Thank you sooo much for your sweet comments. I don't always feel like the strongest mama, so it's nice to hear it every once in a while! ;-)

Shockingly, what makes our story even more special, is that twins do NOT run in our family. This was an absolute surprise! Even our nurse (who was in the room for the ultrasound) started crying when she heard it was twins. It is such a blessing!


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