Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finger foods

When I first started finger foods I was very worried because he seriously wouldn't eat anything. He would just look at me like I had lost my mind. Thankfully, I got some great advice (thank you SO much, Angie!) and just kept on trying everyday. Now he eats wonderfully! Every morning we have a fruit and this past few days it has been a banana. This child is going to turn into a monkey. He LOVES bananas! He starts grunting and rocking back and forth and waving his arms when he sees me get it out of the cabinet. It's so funny!

I've been crumbling up some whole grain cheerios and sprinkling it on top to make it easier for him to pick up. The only problem is it makes a huge mess on his hands and face!

These bibs are fabulous. Connor doesn't like to have clothes on anyway and bibs are seriously impossible to keep on these days. I can't recall seeing them in any store (they were a hand me down from my cousin) but I will definitely be looking the next time I'm out!
For lunch I made him whole grain rotini and instead of spaghetti sauce, I pureed squash and mixed that together with a little cheese. The first day he wasn't so sure, but he loved it the next two days. That is another one that is very messy, but it's worth it to see him eating so well!

I just love watching that sweet little hand pick up little pieces of food. It is just so cute! He is rather slow, but everyday he gets a little faster.

He has recently started doing this. He likes to act so shy :)

Acting out "So Big" when I ask him how big he is :)

Well last night I made him some chicken and apple bites, but was really nervous because I really thought he would hate them. Basically it was boiled chicken, grated apple, 1/2 chopped purple onion, 1 tbsp parsley, 1 cup fresh whole wheat bread crumbs, 1 tbsp chicken stock (unsalted). Put that through a food processor to mix it up. Then roll it into little balls and dip it in whole wheat flour before you fry it in corn oil. I thought they were really good, but feared they were a little too "onion-y". I fully expected him to just take one bite and have to try again tomorrow. Well he ate SIX whole balls! I was shocked. He loved them! I was thrilled to say the least. Not only did he have that but also around 3 oz of apple yogurt (I just mixed applesauce and plain yogurt together).

To work all of those calories off, he decided he wanted to go on a little walk.

He walked up and down the length of the house at least 15 times.

He drags his right leg a little. Is that normal????

Yesterday Janelle at NiCk*NaCkS & NoRmAnS awarded me with a blog award. Thank you so much, Janelle! You should definitely check out her blog. She has an adorable (and ridiculously brilliant!) little girl named Hadley. I just love reading all of the things she is doing and saying.

Church was cancelled tonight becuase of the weather. Hopefully it will clear up soon. I haven't been out of the house since Sunday! I'm being an overprotective mom and refusing to take Connor out while there might be any ice on the road. Since we have captain's chairs in the Yukon, he is on the side and I would never forgive myself if someone else hit ice and hit that side of the car! Better safe than sorry, right?


Ashley said...

Hannah uses to drag her leg too,.. Totally normal ;)

Ashley E. said...

Okay, where did you get that recipe for the chicken apple ball thing!? Sounds like Addi would totally go for that!!!


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