Monday, January 17, 2011

Tight grip

Of course since I recently wrote about Connor taking great naps, he has been horrible lately! I started to feel like it was because he didn't have anything to comfort him. I have been trying since he was about 5 months old to give him a lovey and he will have nothing to do with it. When he is nursing or while I am rocking him he usually holds on to my shirt, so I try to slip the lovey underneath his hand so he will be holding onto it. He will let go of it and search around until he finds my shirt again. I do think that when he wakes up in the crib (either in the middle of the night OR when he actually goes back to sleep during his naps) he must get comfort by lying right up against the rails. He will put his whole body right up against it. I hope it makes him feel like someone is holding him :)

On those days that he doesn't nap? Well those are the days that I can just forget getting anything done. He wants me within arms reach at all times. He will hold onto my shirt with one hand and continue to play with his toys with the other! What a silly (and quite spoiled, mabye?!) boy I have! This morning I woke up exhausted (it could be because I have taken to bringing the iPad with me in bed and reading blogs until 11 or 12 at night! EEK!) and decided that a morning nap was on the "must do" list for the day. Connor wasn't acting like it was on his "must do" list for the day so I did something we haven't done in months. He took a nap with me! It was so sweet. I just laid him on my chest and got him to sleep by patting his little bottom just like I did when he was a baby. We took a 30 minute nap and it was awesome! It must have been just what he needed too, because he then took another 2 hour nap at lunch time! He did wake up after an hr and stood up and rocked back and forth for about 5 minutes until he crawled into the corner of the bed and curled right up against it :) He woke up and we got ready to run to Hobby Lobby for some things I need.

I called Hobby Lobby this morning to make sure the individual scrapbook pages were on sale. The lady actually had me read the ad to her (HELLO? Don't you work there?!) and proceeded to tell me that it sounded like it was one of their blowout scrapbook sales, so yes, they would be on sale. Of course I get there and they aren't on sale. I should have known that someone that didn't even have the decency to ask or look at their ad herself would just tell me what I wanted to hear! So instead of scrapbook paper I got some more sewing essentials and looked at some things for his big 1st birthday party coming up. I can't decide if I should use seersucker or not for his birthday outfit. I am wondering if it is hard to sew since it is so stretchy. That and I would have to be extremely careful to make sure the lines lined up. Hmm.. any advice? Should I wait until I am a little more experienced?

I have really been in birthday mode lately. I have been going through everything in my head and now I need to just sit down and write it all out! And see how much I have spent in my head. I'm getting nervous that I've allowed myself to think too elaborately! But they are only 1 one time.. right????


Ashley said...

Awwww! Taking naps with your baby is the best! Although I've only done it one time :( she likes to sleep in her own bed which is good most of the time but sometimes its nice just to cuddle up with your baby.

MiMi said...

whew! this is the first time i have been online in days. so happy to see a blog! try giving him your tee shirt to sleep with. But since he is YOUR child i'm betting nothing is gonna work. you are paying for your raisin... child of mine:) and oh how it makes me smile!


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