Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to a beautiful layer of fluffy white snow! As soon as Connor got done nursing, I suited him up to head out and play in it.

He was excited to get out there.

At first he was just a little confused.

So he picked a little bit up and let it fall through his fingers.

And then he lost it.

The only way he wouldn't cry is if I held him, so we went back inside to admire it from there.

You might think this was Connor's first snow. But, it wasn't. He enjoyed it a lot more last year.

Possibly because he was nice and cozy all curled up (rather tightly I imagine) in mommy's belly :)

I feel like my house has been a disaster since Christmas. The problem is I can't get much done due to a curious little boy that keeps me busy. Thankfully, I got the cabinets all babyproofed this weekend, so I was able to get some more done today. I had finally washed all of his 12 months clothes and had a pile a mile high to iron. Connor decided that he would sort through them for me and decide which ones needed to be ironed the most.

I swear everything this child does is destructive! We have got to work on being more gentle! His favorite thing to do to people is to grab at their faces. It would be one thing if he just gently touched their face. But no, not Connor. He seriously hits at them! I heard on The Doctors that if they are doing something you dont' want them to do then tell them no then sit them down (as to not give them any more attention). The problem with that is, how do I do that when we are in a public place? Biting is his other problem. He bit sweet Claire yesterday at church (my friend and wonderful photographer, Chesley's daughter. Chesley, I hope Claire doesn't hate Connor forever!) and I seriously about died. I felt HORRIBLE! I dread the day that he does something intentionally to hurt someone. Anybody have any ideas on how to curb this?

Anyway, after we folded and unfolded clothes, we played in the cabinets. I left one cabinet for Connor full of tupperware and he has loved it.

Since I got all of Connor's 12 month clothes washed and hung up ready for him to wear, I figured I better pack up all of his 0-9 month clothes. I almost cried putting the lid on. It's like I was officially closing the door on that part of his life. He has changed so much in the past month and I can only imagine how much he is going to continue to change!


chesley said...

you are killing me! it was not a big deal! she was tired & it hurt her feelings, but i know he was just exercising those new toofies!! he probably wanted her to lay off :)!! they were cracking me up!

Angie said...

Sophie went through a biting phase at about 18 months. She started biting a particular little boy at MDO because he cried all the time. She eventually stopped but it stressed me to no end. The mom ended up taking her boy out of MDO because of it!!!! It was awful. This too shall pass though. Try not to stress too much. There's not much you can do at this point other than say no and move on.

Kelly said...

In my experience, boys are just rougher than girls (hence the destructiveness). And I am sure that he was not biting Claire to be mean- Emmy would bite Cade sometimes when she was frustrated, or because I think it just felt good when she was cutting teeth. It was a phase that did not last too long!
As far as the clothes, Cade was in 12 months at 6 months, so I had to pack up his "baby" clothes super early- ha!


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