Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Tour of Homes

I am joining in on The Nester's Tour of Homes this year! I had a great time looking at everyone's post last year, so I thought I'd just link along this year :) I am a couple of days late, but with oh... about 695 people(!!!) linked up ahead of me it might be a few days before people get to the end anyway!

My decorations are definitely not anything fancy. In fact, I pretty much collected everything in my college years and just haven't felt the need to replace anything. I still look forward to getting everything out every year and for now that is what matters the most. It doesn't hurt that I had my little elf to help me.

Oh, I just want to pinch those little thighs through the screen!

Now, onto the tour:

I found this tree last year after Christmas and knew it would be the perfect size for Connor's room. It was only $3, which made me feel like I was getting a great deal. It wasn't pre-lit, but I didn't think much of it. I called my mom and asked her how to put lights on. "Start at the back of the branch and wrap it towards the front. It is best to do every branch, if possible. Also, start at the top and make your way down to the bottom." Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG. 3 strands (and 3 separate trips to the store, I might add) later I finally had this little 3 foot tree lit. No wonder it took her hours and hours to light our tree growing up. She said it took her around 1000 lights!!!! I'm surprised it didn't blow the fuse!

I love to go sit in his room with his tree plugged in and listen to Christmas music. It is so soothing!

Here is our little Charlie Brown tree :) I look forward to the day we have more room to get a bigger one, but I still love our tree.
hmm.. I see someone playing with something they aren't supposed to!

And just because you can't leave out a picture of your tree in the dark:

Our couch with the makeshift mantle over it. That is another thing I can't wait to have...a mantle!

This is Connor's FAVORITE Christmas decoration. He wants to get those balls out so bad he can barely stand it. I am constantly saying "no no" and redirecting him. He has even gotten to the point that as soon as he gets close enough to start reaching for it, he will start shaking his head "no no" because he knows he isn't supposed to be messing with it!
I hung these signs on the front and back door to give him something to mess with so that he would think he was actually getting to play with something he wasn't supposed to.

I usually hand the snowman in the living room, but couldn't find a place where some little bitty hands wouldn't grab onto him constantly :) I saw the frame on one of the tours I browsed last year and had to copy the idea. I had so much fun doing it!

The dish towel I made using Connor's hands and feet.

Another frame I made, copying one I saw from Hallmark. It was 39.99, so I just recreated it for around $4.

Our kitchen table. I usually have place settings out, but once again, those little bitty hands were sure to grab onto them :)
The rest of the decor in the kitchen/dining area. This little table was my Mamaw's first piece of furniture she bought with her husband!
And last, but certainly not least, is the wonderful picture my cousin, Ian, drew for us. I thought he did a fabulous job and love looking at it everyday!
Hop on over to The Nester's Tour of Homes to join in on the fun!


Karli said...

Awe! Your little boy is so adorable! I love the glass vase with the Christmas balls in them.

MiMi said...

Kell I love the frames. Good job Baby Girl.

Ashley E. said...

Those frames are cute!!! I love all the decorations! And Connor's outfit is PRESH!!!!


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