Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Card Carousel-2010

I love going to the mailbox this time of year. I always go through the pile tossing the trash bills to the side to quickly tear open the Christmas cards. I just love looking at everyone's and then comparing them to years past. Yes, I keep everyone's card. My plan is to get a Christmasy type photo album and start putting them in there. So, know that when you send me a card I will keep it forever! Anyway, today I am linking up with Faith's blog and showing off our wonderful Christmas cards. Our wonderful photographer, Chesley pretty much had her hand in every single inch of this card as she took the pictures AND designed the card! I am SO thrilled with them and they are by far my favorite in the 4 years I have done Christmas cards!

Here is the front:

And while I think the front looks so good, there is also the back:
And it just makes my cheeks hurt I smile so big everytime I see it. I MUST make an ornament with that picture. It is just too cute not to (I'm not biased AT ALL!). I even loaded them in envelopes with this side showing first so no one would miss it :)

So, there you have it! Now head on over to Faith's blog and check out everyone else's Christmas cards. It's not too early to start getting ideas for next year! (I don't ever plan ahead. Nope, not me.)
Hopefully I'll blog about our Christmas with my extended family this weekend, but if not have a great weekend!!


Kelsey's Corner said...

I will have you know that Jimmy told me the other day that he was so sad we hadn't gotten a Christmas card from the Kegley's. It's the only one he cares about seeing!!! It is A-DORABLE! Miss you guys!

Ashley said...

LOVE YOUR CARD!! I am a big fan of pictures on the back. Especially cute ones such as yours!

Leslie said...

What a cute card! Merry Christmas!

Jaime Forrest said...

Love ya'lls card! So precious!!!! I keep ALL cards too. We actually have an antique-trunk style suitcase close to our front door...only full of the cards we get in the mail! It started just as mine and Justin's "love" mail from when we lived so far apart...and now it's where we put all the cards we get, movie..plays..and concert stubs! I'll have to post and show. I am SO glad someone else keeps stuff like that too!!!!!!! :) p.s. Connors smile ALWAYS makes me melt! Love him!

Rachel said...

Aw. Wish we would have gotten a card. It's cute!


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