Thursday, December 9, 2010

9 months old!

My baby boy is 9 months old today! I swear everyday goes by faster than the day before! I will say that the fact that he is NEVER still makes the days fly by. He is such a handful these days, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

He was bouncing up and down in these pictures. You would think I give this child sugar!

Connor, this month you:

-weigh 18 lbs, 7 oz, are 28 inches long and have a head circumference of 18 inch. You are in the 50th percentile for your head and length and the 25th for weight.

-have two teeth on the bottom, one at the top and another coming in right beside it! Your bottom teeth didn't bother you at all. Your top bother you a little bit, but not enough to take away your sweet deamanor.

-are into everything. I can barely turn around for two seconds before I hear you getting into something you shouldn't be.

-have started shaking your head "no-no" appropriately! There is one Christamas decoration in particular that you love to mess with. I am constantly pulling you away from it and saying "no-no". Now you will crawl near it and as soon as you start to reach for it, you shake your head "no-no". I just love it!

-like for me to chase you. When you are heading down the hallway (to go in the bathroom, no doubt) and I say "Connor Matthew, where are you going?" You kick it into high gear just giggling the whole time. Sometimes your arms just don't move as fast as your legs and you get all tripped up. (Which scares me a little bit for when he starts walking. I'm afraid we are going to skip walking and just go straight to running!)

-will follow me around the house and as soon as I stop you will stand up and pull on my legs of my pants. I will look down at you and you will grin at me so big that you can barely see you have any eyes!

-have amazed me with how smart you are! You have figured out that if there is something you want underneath an object (ie. a chair or the couch) and you can't reach it by crawling, you will lay on your belly to get it. Also, I was rocking you the other morning but you kept pushing yourself up to look at me and smile. Finally I decided to be asleep so maybe you would just lay your head down, too. Instead you just laughed at me and started poking at my eyelids! Now, I could possibly be biased.... ;)

-have become a very active sleeper. You move all over that crib and will sleep in the funniest positions. Booty in the air, leg propped up on the rails, you name it he has done it! I also think you are going to be a sleep talker.

-have stood by yourself a couple of times, but I think it is still going to be a month or so before you start doing it regularly.

-you love to play with all of your balls and cars. You will hit and chase them all around the house. You are so good at playing by yourself, but love for us to get down there and roll them to you too.

-are blowing raspberries and making a smacking noise with your lips.

blowing raspberries on your booster seat

-are a kissing machine. You kiss the babies in your books, your stuffed animals and your mama pretty regularly.

-love other babies and kids more than ever. You will talk to them in your cute little high pitched scream and you are so serious about it!

-have started pitching fits when you don't get your way. You especially throw a fit when we are holding you and put you down. As much as you love to crawl around and be free, you love to be held too. As long as we are standing... And don't even get me started about trying to change your diaper. It's near impossible these days! You've gotten away from me multiple times. Tonight you got away and started pushing your truck around with nothing on but socks :)

-don't use a paci anymore! Of course, this had to start right before we leave for Arkansas. We'll see if we stick with it this weekend! The only time I feel like it has been missed is when I am rocking you for your morning nap. The only reason I can tell is because you will flop around and when you had your paci you were so still. It makes me feel really bad to know that I took away something that brought you comfort, but I know it will never be easy. Your sleep patterns haven't changed at all so I think we are ok for now :)

Connor, you bring us unexplainable joy. Your sweet smile makes my heart feel like it is going to explode and brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes daily. We love you!

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