Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Y'all. I made a rockin breakfast this morning. Pam (Gammie, M-I-L) brought us some wonderful Panera bagels yesterday when she came to visit, and I went to bed last night knowing exactly what I was going to do with them. I made a bacon, egg and cheese on a french toast bagel. Man, did it hit the spot. (but let's be honest. It doesn't take much to beat the Publix Less Sugar Cinnamon & Apple oatmeal I consume every. single. morning.) I know what you are thinking. She is a genius! Unfortunately, I can't take the credit. Panera actually sells that concoction, I just made it at home. It is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. It's probably the perfect 700 calories as well. ha.

But you know what really made my breakfast so awesome? I had this adorable little man watching over me just "ah goo, da da, ba ba, ga ga, ma ma"n away. Gosh, I love to hear that sweet voice making noise. And noise does it make. Someone likes to hear himself talk!

I plugged in my iPod and probably one of my favorite worship songs came on, "Indescribeable" by Chris Tomlin. What a great way to start the day.

I've started eating breakfast at the table instead of in the Living Room. The Wednesday night class we are going to is about how parents affect their kids faith. We have started out the class talking about how it is more about what your kids SEE in you than what you say. You can talk about faith all day long, but if you don't actually do what you say, then why would your kids? We by far have the youngest child in the class, and at first I kind of viewed it as something we could use in the future. I have changed my mind on that, though. Why shouldn't I start now? With that said, after we eat our breakfast at the table I read some bible stories to him. I had been doing this for a while, but then quit for no good reason. I get frustrated with myself for going through peaks in my ACTIVE faith. Do I have faith? Absolutely. Am I always active with my faith? Unfortunately, not. But I am working on it!

(whew.. this started off with a post about consuming too many calories this morning and ended up with my walk with God! ha!)


Ashley E. said...

1. Panera bagels will be the death of me, I love them SOOO much!
2. It's so funny you say that, because I've started thinking, wow Addi is soaking up everything I do and I've just been a lot more sensitive to what I do and say. We've also started reading Bible stories, it's a nice break from the silly kid stories too!

Janelle Norman said...

First your ipod clock said 4:00 please tell me you were not awake that early...if so, I'm sorry!!
Also, we've kinda been talking about the same thing in our Wednesday night class. I get tearful just thinking about whether or not mine and Andrew's faith is strong enough for us and Hadley. I love being a parent but I'm getting to the point where I realize I'm not just responsible for her getting to 18 alive, but her reaching heaven, its a little stressful!!! We also read bible stories every night and I love that EVERY book in our house Hadley calls a bible. Good luck!

chesley said...

i have no doubt your faith is impacting him! it impacts me! You are such a wonderful little momma & i love reading your blog & seeing the little things you and connor do. you are definitely living intentionally & i'm sure that will come across in your sweet boy :)! that class! i wish is was ALL of the time. it has really got me thinking!!

Anonymous said...

What a peaceful picture... coffee, your bible and your baby all in ONE- you're doing wonderful Kelli! Yes, I did just put coffee at the top ;) I believe it is pretty vital in ones morning/life especially with that little man in the background.

Angie said...

I agree with Chesley. We were just talking last night about what a great mom you are. You're really inspiring to us all! You are definitely focusing on the right things. (food included..ha!) :-)

Erin Stokes said...

love, love, love this reminder! i keep thinking that sullivan is too young to really understand "faith" or "God" or any of that, she's four months old. but really, if i don't get in the habit now of actually living the life i want her to see me living then it's not just going to suddenly happen when she's old enough to understand...mornings are so hectic trying to get to work, but i could definitely get up a little earlier to spend some time with my girl and my God...thanks for this!


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