Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watch out, Lebron!

Maybe Connor will be the next Lebron James???

Sorry for the pitiful camera work. We have got to get a tripod. What you can't see is him rolling the ball to me. This is the only game he will sit still and play for quite a while. These are the kinds of games I dreamed of when I found out I was pregnant with a boy! We have some little cars that mom brought him that he loves to roll too. He is definitely a boy's boy!

His Gammie got to come visit with him this morning. They had so much fun playing :). I had to run to the grocery store while she was here and he showed off all his new skills while I was gone. They went into his room to play and he crawled over to his bookshelf in his closet and showed her how he could pull up on it and pull everything off! She said, "You are definitely going to have a climber on your hands." Don't I know it! I can't get anything done these days! You can't turn your back for a second. In fact, I was cleaning dishes yesterday and left him at his toybox in the middle of the LR. I turn around to check on him and he wasn't there. Checked all of the rooms and finally found him in our bedroom standing up on the nightstand pulling off all of my books. Ha. The good thing is he has definitely started understanding the meaning of "no". If I see him going for something he doesn't need to, I'll say "no" and he will quit going for it. For a couple of seconds at least ;)

We are going to play with Layla tomorrow. Rach and KJ moved into a new house Connor and I are going to go play with Layla while Rach unpacks some more. I can't wait to see them and their new house!

Can you believe tomorrow is a week from Thanksgiving?! Geez Louise, someone please push the pause button!!!

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Erica said...

Kelli you have done the impossible! Conner makes me want to have a baby! lol He's soooooooo darn adorable. Love your videos and pics of him! Toooo cute. Love you too! :)


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