Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silly boy

Oh me. My child is a mess. He kept me laughing all morning! I know once he starts talking I am going to be in for it! He is seriously in constant motion these days. By the time he goes down at night he is OUT.
His favorite thing to do these days is to play with his box full of toys. Every day I move another toy to the top for him to investigate. I would just hate for him to get bored ;). He will sit there and pull out something. Stare at it for a minute, then yell at it. He has the most high pitched shriek ever! It is SO funny!

Taking a little break to watch what Sam (on Good Morning America) had to say about the upcoming weather.

I started opening up the front door recently thinking that he would enjoy getting to look out the storm door (yes, it locks so I don't have to worry about him opening it). Well he finally found an interest in it. He seriously sat at it for about 20 minutes just looking back and forth. I so wish little Snuggles were here so they could be on the lookout together :(

One of his absolute favorite things to try to play with are cords. There is a plug right by my chair in the living room that he is obsessed with. It doesn't matter if I turn him away from them and hide them while he isn't looking, he will find them. What a stinker! Thankfully, he hasn't figured out that he could go behind the chair and get full access, but I know it is only a matter of time. Today I just scooted the chair over closer to the side table so that he could crawl through. That didn't stop him from trying though!

He was so determined that he almost got stuck! I suppose he knows what he wants!

Well apparently he decided that crawling just wasn't enough for him to add to his resume for the month.

I can tell he wants to try to move sideways while holding on. I'm not ready for this, mister! I keep telling him to quit growing and he is already disobeying and not listening!

Now to switch topics real quick. Are you tired of looking at your front door and thinking, "I wish I could find a cute and unique wreath?" Well, do I have the solution for you! One of my bestests from college, Lana ,has just started her own etsy shop that has the most beautiful wreaths ever. Here is a little peek at one of the wreaths she has for sale:

Isn't that just too cute?! She also has a Christmas one for sale that you just can't miss! You would think I would have known she was this creative, but I had no idea! I'm so proud of you sweet little Lana Banana!

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MiMi said...

whooo...that crawling/pulling up video made me cry. don't do anything else new. my heart can't take it. i'll see you in 9 more days!!!


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