Monday, October 18, 2010

Family getaway

Last weekend we did something I never imagined we would do with a 7 month old. We went camping! It was quickly added to our list of things we must do every year. I'm not going to lie. I was hesitant to be excited about the weekend because I wasn't sure how the sleeping arrangement was going to work out. I told myself not to worry about it and go with the flow (which is pretty much against my nature... I am working on it, though!).

This is was our home for the weekend:

Ain't she a beauty?! It was really the perfect space. Not too big, not too small. I immediately got to work once we got there and started getting everything unpacked.

My supervisor told me where everything went. He's bossy like that.

After unpacking everything it was time for Connor to eat and go to sleep. He went to sleep like the precious little angel he is! While I was feeding Connor, Matt was preparing supper for us. We had Broccoli Cheddar soup with a french baguette. It was so good! For dessert we had what all camping trips call for... SMORES!!!!

I love smores and make myself sick off of them every single time!

Afterwards we just sat out by the fire and enjoyed the cool weather and each other's company. We knew the quality of sleep we would get that night was questionable, so we decide to hit the hay early. We were so nervous going into the camper, but Connor didn't even budge. Between the sound machine and heater, he must not have heard us. I really think he would have slept through the night, but Matt woke up at 4:30 and just knew he was cold. I crawled down from our bed and it was at least 10 degress warmer down there, so I knew he was fine. I started to crawl back in bed, but he heard me and woke up. I was too tired to try to get him calmed back down, so I just brought him to bed with us. I'm pretty sure Matt went back to sleep pretty quickly, but I was in and out until 6 when it was officially time to wake up. Connor was in a great mood.. he was so happy to be in bed with his mommy and daddy!

Connor loved this. He thought it was hilarious that the could see out and would just squeal with excitement everytime we unzipped the windows. I'm sure our neighbors loved that!
We got up and got the day started pretty soon therafter. It was SO quiet outside. I think we were the only ones awake! Connor and I left to go on a coffee run.

Who knew I had to go camping to be able to get Starbucks for my morning coffee?!

When we got back Matt had breakfast ready for us. He bought a new pack of bacon that was maple flavored and Y'ALL. It is seriously the best thing I have ever tasted. It's dangerous. I could have eaten about 10 slices easily! After breakfast we went on a little walk and checked out the rest of the campsites. There were a few that must be staying there for the whole month of October because they had decorated their sites to the gill for Halloween! Some even had fake cemeteries. I really wanted to take a picture, but everyone was already out starting their fires for the day and Matt wouldn't let me! I did take a picture of this motorcycle/car/batmobile.

I really enjoyed our walk. The views were gorgeous.

It was during Connor's naptime and he was SO sleepy, but just couldn't bring himself to shut his eyes :) He went to sleep pretty easily for his afternoon nap and Matt and I enjoyed our time together laying on a blanket in the sun.
Once Connor woke up, it was time for the Razorback game. I was so excited about the game. I just knew it was going to be a good one. Darn refs. We should have won that game! Oh and I asked Matt if he was excited about the game. You know what he said? He said, "Yes, Arkansas is my second favorite team." My heart skipped a beat and I almost teared up on the spot. That might be one of the sweetest things he has said to me in our 8 years together. ;)

During the game Billy and Becky (Grandaddy, Grandpa? and Bebe) came and ate a late lunch with us. Matt hit the nail on the head with the Brats he bought. They were actually smoked sausages with jalepenos and cheddar in them. They were awesome! Once again, Connor went down easily for the night and we just hung around the fire. We had rented a movie from Redbox to watch on our portable DVD player (with headphones). I was in charge of getting the movie, which was a bad idea to begin with. I don't watch anything that isn't DVR'd, so I know nothing about movies right now. I ended up choosing Harry Brown thinking it would be something like Grand Turino. I was wrong. It was awful. We didn't even get through 30 minutes. The language was terrible and showed so many drug scenes that absolutely terrified me. I just knew I was going to have nightmares! I don't know if it was the light from the dvd player or what, but Connor woke up around 10 and went from a level one screaming level to about a level 20 in .2 seconds. We tried to just bring him to bed to us, but he just wanted to play. Matt and I just laid there exhausted while he crawled all over the bed. Finally I just decided to nurse him and put him back in his pack n play. He slept until 6! I was so proud of him!

We cooked breakfast again that morning and had our church service by the fire. Connor sat there so still and sweet while I read from a book Matt and I are reading together. Maybe I can talk Kevin (our preacher) into moving church services outside?! Afterwards I started to get us packed up to go home. Connor was so exhausted he fell asleep in his bumbo seat with his little head tilted all the way over on his shoulder! I brought his swing out and he slept soundly for a good hour.
We had such an amazing time. I seriously think it was one of the best weekends I have had since our honeymoon. It was so nice to be there away from technology (minus the 3 hr AR game) and spend time with just the 3 of us. I came home so refreshed and am already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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Lana Summitt said...

I think the blog you just posted describes an absolutely perfect weekend. Love y'all!


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