Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today Connor got to have a new friend over! Levi got here before Connor woke up and was so stinkin cute all cuddled up in his carseat. I really wanted to take a picture of him all bundled, but I could tell he was little hesitant of the new surroundings as is, so I didn't push my luck! Connor woke up shortly thereafter and when I brought him out to the living room he was so excited to see someone his own size to play with! They immediately reached out and gave each other "knuckles" to say "Hey, man. What's up?". Ok, I admit... that is a bit of a stretch, but they did touch hands!!!

I was hoping Levi was crawling because I wanted to see how Connor would react. And boy can Levi move. That child is FAST! I put them both in his room while I got Levi's bottle ready and of course Levi followed me. Connor crawled over to his door frame and it was like he was saying, "You mean to tell me I can actually get out of this room?!" Just a few seconds later Connor ventured into the kitchen with a new found freedom. Why, you ask, am I encouraging this? I have no answer for that... I must be crazy! It must have worked because Connor crawled the length of the hallway without stopping! No scooting at all!

I love this picture because Connor is playing with Levi's feet :)

Watching them play together was so cute. They wanted the same toys and were really good to accept each other holding it at the same time. Maybe we both have some really good boys that will always share :)

Not only did I have them both looking at the camera, they are both smiling! It helps that I was making a complete fool of myself! The things you do to get pictures of your babies!

At one point this morning I had them both down for morning naps at the same time. I was pretty proud of myself! It helps that they both were able to just be laid down and fell asleep on their own! Now lunch naps were a different story. Levi went down with no problem. Connor, on the other hand, pretty much cried the entire 2 hours. He would sleep for 2 or 3 minutes here and there, but never fully fell asleep. I went in there 20 minutes before he was supposed to wake up just knowing that something was terribly wrong because he had gone from whimpering to full flege screaming. Nope. Quit crying as soon as I picked him up. Little stinker.

Levi, we had so much fun! Please come back and see us soon!

Oh, and one more thing. Any of you Nashville/Lebanon people have any suggestions for a good pumpkin patch? I would prefer it be close to Lebanon... Thanks!


Simmons Family said...

hey! I wanted to tell you about the pumpkin patch we went to. It was Gentry's Pumpkin farm but it was in franklin. we also though about going to walden's pumpkin farm it's close to murfreesboro and heard really good things about it also but we went to gentry's b/c it was closer to us. Not sure how close walden's is to you but google it and their website will come up. It's so much fun-conner will love it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

He is SOOO handsome!!! I bet the playdate was a blast!

MiMi said...

so very sweet. i hope you do a line up of all the pix on "Milton". and where are the pumkin patch pix?


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