Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And repeat.

Goodness gracious today flew by just as fast, if not faster, than yesterday! We did get a chance to go to the park and enjoy the bee-u-tiful weather. I only walked around the loop once, but I am feeling it already! I tried to walk as fast as I could without actually running (because as much as I would love to, I do not run). I have actually heard that you lose the same amount of weight by walking fast as you do running. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I'm walking (ha!) with it.

We came home so bogey boy could take a nap only to get up and go again. I needed to get our groceries for the week, so off to Kroger we went.

Connor got a lot of attention sitting up in the cart. He loves it and I love it. I do not miss trying to maneuver that cart with that huge car seat blocking my view. I LOVE my buggy cover. It was one of those things I knew I wanted, but wasn't sure how much I would use it. I use it everytime I go now. It's padded and keeps him from touching the germ infested handlebar! It also has great pockets so I can just stick my wallet in it and not worry about taking my purse in. The only thing about him sitting up in the front is that he is CONSTANTLY trying to grab my pen and shopping list. I push the cart with my list and pen in my left hand. He seriously tried to grab it everytime I would start pushing! One time he grabbed it so fast.. I really think he was just sitting there waiting for it! Silly boy :)

Lately I have been obsessed with holiday outfits. Etsy has so many cute outfits that I would love to have for all of his first holidays coming up. I try to tell myself that I would also be supporting other women out there that are trying to make some extra money from home :) Here are some of the things I found.

Let's start with Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall:

I don't think I would have picked this outfit had it just been on a hanger, but I think it is so cute on! You can find it here .

As you will see in the next few pictures, I love the dark brown corduroy. I like this one because it is simple, but still cute. You can find it here .

I can't decide between the pumpkin and the turkey. Or both..hahaha. JUST KIDDING! You can find this one here .

I love the truck on this one. Don't you think this boy is pretty darn cute too? I love baby knuckles and his are front and center in this picture! I so wish I would have ordered this weeks ago so I could take pics of Connor at the pumpkin patch in this! You can find it here .

Now on to Christmas time!

I'm pretty sure this is what I want him to wear to see Santa. It will be monogrammed in either white or green, which do y'all think I should do? Do you think if I do it in white he would be able to wear through the winter, whereas if I did it in green he could only wear it during Christmas? You can find it here .

This one is a little more casual to me, but still cute. It is reversible and on the other side is a turkey on brown cord. I am a sucker for reversible (double for the moolah.. HELLO?!) You can find it here .

Now, only if I could convince Matt that Connor really does need all of these outfits! ;)


Kayla and Aaron said...

Kelli- I just love reading you blog! It's so fun to see just how much our two little ones are alike. Madelyn is always trying to grab my grocery list and it made me giggle because I could completly picture Connor doing the same. They are so much fun at this age!

The Forrest Family said...

Cracker Barrel always has THE cutest little holiday-ish outfits for babies! Have you seen them? I always want another boy until...I see their precious baby girl stuff. :)


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