Monday, October 11, 2010

7 months?!?!?!

I told Connor that Saturday was his 7 month birthday. He couldn't believe it. Me either, baby boy. Me either.

I think this month was by far the fastest. And I think it is because he has turned into a wild child and keeps me on my toes and causes the time to fly!

Connor, you:
-weigh around 18 lbs at the scale at home, which I think would put you at about 19 at the doctors office. Since we don't go back to the doctor until December, I don't know your length, but I have seen a definite change. You are so long and lean!

-are in size 3 diapers and in 6-9 month clothes. It kind of makes me sad to see that 9 on your tags. I remember buying them way before you were even born and thinking it was a lifetime away. I was wrong.

-are still a very happy baby! I love to hear you laugh and when you get really tickled you look off to the side like you just can't stand it. I try just about everything to make you laugh. You really respond to the faces I make now and will just laugh and laugh!

- have started kissing me more. I was holding you during church a few weeks ago and you would not stop kissing me. I wasn't letting you kiss me on the mouth and you were getting so frustrated!

-are letting me know when you are hungry by pulling down my shirt and trying to latch on. You did this for the first time last week, but I wasn't sure if that is what he was doing. Then he did it during church yesterday and made himself very clear. This just plays into my theory that you are going to be a child that never fails to let us know what you want AND I think once you decide you are going to want it pretty quickly.

-are quite dramatic and know how to work it. I was getting your cereal ready yesterday and since I wasn't going as fast as you wanted me to, you proceeded to cry. I looked over to tell you that it was coming and you gave me the most pitiful face and just hung your head. And I swear you know where the camera is in your room. When you are crying in your bed you always look right into the camera and cry. You like to pluck my heartstrings with your tiny little fingers :)

-are crawling on all fours. You haven't quite figured out how to do it on the hardwood and tile, but I am ok with that!

-have learned how to walk around in your exersaucer. Just last week you were only going in circles. Now you can go wherever you want to. You are so strong! Your favorite thing is to try to get the decorations off of the TV stand....Christmas is going to be interesting.

-are still saying mamamamamama, but not as frequently. I am working on dada with you , so hopefully that is what comes next. Everday when Matt gets home I say "Daddy's home" and you have started smiling real big, so I definitely think you know who "daddy" is.

-had to cry it out during naptime. You do not like naps, but are s.l.o.w.l.y getting better. You are SO happy when you do actually take them both, so I know you need them. I know it will work itself out eventually.

-started going to Sunday school. They tell me you are very social. I'm guessing that means that you are shrieking/yelling at the other babies. That is what you tend to do around them. Both times I have picked you up, you have had your pacifier in. Probably trying to keep you quiet! I'm afraid you have inherited that from me :)

-will wrap your little arms around my neck when I am carrying you or rocking you. I love it! Sometimes I will go into the bathroom and turn around just so I can see your little arm wrapped around me. Saturday we went over to some of your daddy's friend's house and when we walked in your squeezed me as tight as you could with your arms and legs because you didn't know where you were! You were ok once you found daddy :).

-are just the best thing in the world that has happened to your daddy and me. We love you more and more everyday!

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Ashley E. said...

He is growing so fast!!!! What a cutie!


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