Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a little fall photo shoot

Have you ever noticed that during the Fall season things just change daily? One day your tree is green. The next it is orange like fire. We have a tree that is to the side of our house that is like that. Sunday I pulled up from part one of my sewing lesson with MawMaw and noticed that the tree was a beautiful red/orange and a lot of the leaves were in this perfect little circle around it. So what did I do? I got my little man dressed and headed outside to take some pictures. It is becoming near impossible to get him to smile while outside. There is just too much for him to observe, touch, try to eat, etc.

And apparently some other random person felt like our tree was beautiful, too. Because you know what happened yesterday afternoon? I heard a car pulled up and thought, "Oh a package!" (I think I will be 85 and still love getting packages.. who doesn't?!)

I peek out the window and see a 14ish year old boy taking a picture of our tree. What?! We don't live in a high traffic area. We are at the end of a dead end street and you can't even see our house from the main road. I had never seen their car before, so I have no idea how they knew about our tree! I thought it was funny. Matt thought they were stalking us. Ha. I'm pretty sure they just wanted a pretty picture. They are just much braver than I am as they drove all the way up to our house! I would be the one to drive past the house and take a picture from my window... which might seem even more creepy!

I took Connor to the dr to get his flu shot this morning. I'm not going to lie... I was dreading it. I know how bad that shot hurts and I didn't want him to hurt! The nurse was awesome and literally had it done in 2 seconds. He gave the pitiful frown face, but never cried. He even smiled at her once I picked him up, so he was pretty forgiving of the whole situation. I have yet to get mine, so I guess that I'm next :(

I had the nurse weigh him to see where he was and he has only gained .7 oz since his 6 month check up. I have decided that I am not going to say anything at his 9 month checkup and see if the doctor says anything. I think he is perfectly healthy. He doesn't look too skinny...he still has some those adorable chunky thighs. He is just so active that I think he burns so much off during the day! I knew that once he could get going he would be gone and I wasn't wrong! He's a handful... and I LOVE IT!


The Forrest Family said...

I love fall photos so much. I think they are even better than beach photos! Connor looks so cute with those pretty blue eyes! :)

Lana Summitt said...

Connor is an exceptionally beautiful baby. Y'all should have 300 more. And move here and let me play with them. PS, when I see y'all in two weeks, I will try my absolute hardest not to squeeze him until he pops... but I'm not promising anything! :)


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