Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun day!

Whew! I feel like this day flew by! After I fed him this morning we had to start getting ready to go to a MOMS club meeting. Despite everyone's advice to get ready early in the morning, I hardly ever do it. I wish I would, because I really do enjoy my afternoons so much better! I love being able to sit down for lunch and know that I can enjoy lunch and watch All My Children TV without having to rush to get in the shower before he gets up again.

I had a girl from church tell me that I should check the MOMS club out. She did it when she first became a madre and really enjoyed it. I thought it sounded like fun, so I went to a meeting today. They have so many things to do! This month they are going to the zoo, picking pumpkins, having a halloween party, have book club for the moms and so much more! The only problem is that I am hesitant to do anything that is considered a first for Connor without Matt. I just hate experiencing anything without him! I guess it is also one small way I can say "Thank you" for letting me stay at home while he goes off to work everyday! (Not that what us SAHM do isn't work... ;) )

When we got home this afternoon instead of just laying all of Connor's toys out around him, I just brought the box out for him to choose his toys.
I just sat there and watched the little wheels in his head turn.

It turned out to be great fun. His favorite game these days is "I'm going to hold this toy over the side of my highchair and watch it fall", so it wasn't long before the basket was near empty and toys were everywhere.

I have been trying to get him on videotape laughing. I did once only to find out I had the lens cover shut. That was over a month ago, but finally today I got it again! This is by no means the biggest laugh he has given, but it's still pretty darn cute.

There is nothing like hearing laughter from a baby!


The Forrest Family said...

That is so awesome you get to stay home with Connor! Kudos Matt, kudos! The moms club sounds like so much fun! :) And I know how you feel about not wanting Matt to miss anything, Justin always wants to be present for the "firsts". And, there will be so many firsts!! :)

MiMi said...

my lil giggle box!

Ashley E. said...

So cute!!! I remember when I first put a box of toys in front of Addi. She was SOOOO happy!

Erica said...

LOVE THIS VIDEO! Too darn cute!


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