Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend of Football!

Oh how I love football! I love just hearing it while I do stuff around the house. Music to my ears! (I know, Mom. You think I'm crazy ;) ) Saturday morning I laid out all of Connor's UT shirts and let him pick out which ones he wanted him to wear throughout the day. We had to make sure there wasn't a second of the day the child didn't have UT attire on. :)
April came by Saturday afternoon to get some nephew time in while I ironed about a million things. I don't iron. I never have. Mom used to always get onto me about it. Then came Connor. I iron everything of his but his onesies. I mean everyone is looking at him anyway, right? ;)
So while she watched Connor jump (the boy is going to have legs like a linebacker by the time he is 2), I ironed and we talked about her big girl life and how I am ready for fall so I can put him in all of the cute outfits he has.
I decided that tomorrow I am going to buy him this:

I told Matt that it was only fair to me that he have one. He has UT AND Ole Miss. I am pretty sure I was the one in labor for 25 hrs. I should be able to adorn that precious little head with my team :) At least while he is too little to make his own decisions! ha

Today was beautiful! The only thing I think I would have changed was to make it cool enough to enjoy a nice bowl of chili. Nothing says NFL Football like a good bowl of chili :) I am playing fantasy again this year and I am afraid that my team isn't going to be anywhere near as good. I got dominated today. I didn't get Chris Johnson OR Drew Brees and it's just not the same. Speaking of Chris Johnson, Matt said that his office gives away Titans tickets almost every week, so it looks like we might get to go this year! I just told Matt that I want to go before it gets really cold. I love football, but I HATE being cold!
We go to the Dr tomorrow for Connor's 6 month checkup. I look forward to the appointment, but completely dread the shots. I think they get harder everytime! I'll post his 6 month post when we get back!


Ashley E. said...

Connor is so cute! I'm pretty sure there would be a major fight if Josh wasn't a hogs fan too! This is my first year to do a fantasy league too! I didn't get Drew Brees, but I got Tom Brady and the rest of my team is pretty stacked, I did good today, just hope I can keep it up! Haha!

Lana Summitt said...

When I see those pictures, my heart just says, "AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!" The one of him and April is absolutely precious!!!


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