Monday, September 13, 2010

If my bangs weren't pinned up

I'd be blowing them out of my face with frustration. That has been the ULTIMATE theme of the day. I hate to complain, but I just really need to. Feel free to "x" out and move on :)
As previously noted, we had Connor's 6 month check up today. I had packed his lunch in my cooler to go bag and was going to take it into the appointment since it was at 11 and he eats at 11:30. We are in the room waiting on the Dr. and he starts chewing on my shoulder. My heart drops. I left his food in the car. I look at my clock. It is 11:44 and I still have to see the Dr and the nurse has to give him those awful shots. I told myself to breathe, it's not going to be the end of the world to get off the schedule by an hr. The only way you could tell he was hungry was by the trail of drool running down my arm, so we weren't in the GIVE ME FOOD NOW OR I MIGHT STARVE phase yet. By the time I got out to the car it was 12:30. Thankfully the wonderful cooler bag kept everything cold. I gave him his green beans and his bottle. I decided to pump at the same time. My windows aren't tinted and with all of the empty spaces in the parking lot everyone still decided to park by me. I was so embarassed! I had a cover on, but I still felt quite uncomfortable. (Can you tell I haven't quite mastered the "I am a breastfeeding momma and deserve to feed/pump wherever I like!" motto? Trust me, I wish I were. It would make things much easier!) It ALSO didn't help that I had the entire floorboard covered in boxes and had nowhere to put my feet. Oh well. I got him fed. I pumped a bottle. Just not how I had it planned.
My nursing schedule for the past 2 months or so has been as follows:
7am: nurse, followed by cereal or food
11:30: food followed by nursing
2:30 nurse
6: cereal or food followed by nursing
He has never been a very good eater at 2:30. I just recently started pumping and offering him the bottle instead. He'll take it, but he is so slow. He just isn't interested. Sometimes he'll even spit the majority of it back up. When I discussed this with my Dr, he said he wanted me to add a feeding in the morning at 10 and push everything else back a little bit. I just don't understand how that is going to help him eat at 2:30! I guess he is just thinking that if he eats a little at 10 and a little at 2:30 that is better than just a little at 2:30. My only concern is if I do that I am seriously stuck at home all day long. Don't get me wrong. I WANT to continue to breastfeed. I feel SO blessed that I have been able to do it this long. I just need more than an hr in a day to run errands if needed! He said he wanted him to have at least 22 oz a day, but I can't force milk down his throat! I probably didn't explain myself very well, but Connor was seriously trying to crawl out of my lap to look at the legs of the examination table (He wants to examine everything. He is extremely intrigued by his doorframe these days). I might try to call him back tomorrow... I just worry that he will think I am trying to neglect my breastfeeding motherly duties by trying to avoid adding another feeding! Ha. Silly, I know.
Dr. told me to buy a Brita filter for Connor. Spent $30 on a silly pitcher and it is leaking. I bought it at Target and if you have ever tried to take anything back to Target, you know it isn't like Wal-Mart. That and Target is about 30 minutes away from us.
I lost terribly in fantasy football this week. I'm not excited about my team and not feeling good about the season. It's only week 1, so here's to hoping it gets MUCH better.
Ok, I'm done complaining. I am going to do his 6 month post tomorrow. I just didn't feel chipper enough tonight and it deserves chipperness. :) I'm off to bed. Thanks for listening... if you made it this far! haha


Angie said...

take a deep breath. you are a GOOD momma and Connor is a happy boy, getting exactly what he needs. Try not to stress the feeding stuff. As much as we moms would love it, there is just no manual. Every baby is different. Having said that, have you tried reducing the amount of baby food a bit? he still needs the liquid nutrition more, and 6-9 months really is just the food phase-in period. there are 20-30 calories in a jar of baby food vs. 20 calories in a single oz. of breast milk. I always nurse first, then do solids about an hour later. don't will all work itself out. hang in there with the're already halfway done! :-)

Lana Summitt said...

You never complain! Probably made you feel good didn't it... :)

Carrie said...

Hunter and I complain about work all of the just so happens that your work is being a stay at home you get to vent and complain too!!!!

chesley said...

ditto what angie said! don't stress it. your dr. means well, but they are all SO different, and he's obviously a healthy little guy! do what feels right to you & to him! grant would've nursed ALL day long, but Claire was totally different & started nursing MUCH less when she started eating. She was totally off of baby foods by 9-10 months, but I did still nurse her when she'd take it, and she's just fine. Just don't stress it, and don't feel trapped. He WILL survive, even an hour off schedule :-)!

Anonymous said...

Feels good doesn't it!!! :) I'll let you master this momma thing so when I have children it will be a breeeeeeze ;)haha. Atleast, during my frustrating days I have the Passing Pashmina's to count on!!!! SCORE!! LOVE YOU!


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