Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day at Mimi's

Whew! What a crazy week we had! I can't believe I didn't have time to blog, but we had a lot going on. We decided on Tuesday that we wanted to move to Mt. Juliet and were signing papers to put our house on the market by Thursday night! I had a lot of cleaning to do before we left for Arkansas, but thankfully I got it all done.

I know it is going to be hard to constantly keep the house clean with a (VERY ACTIVE) 6 month old, but I do feel SO much better when it is. I don't look forward to the times I have to leave in the middle of his naps so someone can see the house. I get so stressed out when his schedule gets messed up! I do have a bag prepared for those times, so we will have everything we need if we need to leave quickly. I'm just glad it's not a million degrees outside anymore and we can just go to the park and enjoy the weather.

Anyway, pray we sell our house quickly...we are busting at the seams! That and the thought of being 5 minutes from a grocery store makes me oh.so.happy!

This past weekend we went to good ole Arkansas to visit MiMi, family and friends! We had SUCH a good time! Connor did ok in the car. He is just so aware of everything, so he had a hard time falling asleep. I tried singing, but he would have none of it. Finally I just held his hand and acted like I was asleep. It worked :) Saturday morning Val came by to visit. I felt so bad because Connor was a little fussy. It was his naptime and he just wasn't very social. I was just so glad to see her safe and sound back in the U.S.A. Afterwards, my extended family came over to love on my little man. He, as usual, was a complete ham and ate up the attention. Mom's house was full of laughter, squealing kids, blocks flying across the room and the stomping of little feet and it all made my heart just swell. I am so blessed with such an amazing family and am so glad we are close.
Chloe has started gymnastics this year. It is amazing how flexible she is. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the Olympics one day :)
Oh, to be able to do that!
She just folds up like a piece of paper!
Ian sharing his Indiana Jones hat with Connor. Connor LOVED Ian. He gave him AND MiMi some of his beloved kisses this weekend! Ian was so good with him... I know Connor is going to really look up to him one day!

Ready for opening weekend of football. I was (I think) a very good wife and had the UT hat shipped to mom's house for Connor to wear.

He wore it all day! I think he is going to be a hat boy like his daddy!

Aiden and Chloe eating their candy outside. This is what I got when I told them to smile. Aiden's face is cracking me up!

Connor's look is hilarious. It's like he is saying, "You really think I am going to do that?"

Tickling him to try to get him to smile.
I LOVE this picture of Chloe. She was laughing at me tickling Connor! ha
Sunday afternoon our LR friends (Scotts, Summitts, Holberts) came by to see Connor. I love seeing my friends get to love on him. This child is loved by so many people! What a blessing! That night Matt and I left Connor with MiMi and went out to eat with everyone. We went to Senor Tequila for supper, followed by Orange Leaf for dessert. Orange Leaf is like Nashville's Menchies or Sweet Ce Ce's. Their ice cream was a little better, but the brownie bits were NOT good. I was so sad! That is my favorite part. We always have such a good time with the LR crew and feel so blessed to be able to call them our friends.

We left Monday afternoon to head home and boy did I struggle. I cried on and off all the way to Memphis! In a perfect world I could have both my family and Matt's family close by. I just want everyone to see Connor equally, but I know that is not possible. (Agh.. just makes me want to cry typing this.) Thankfully, we have heaven to look forward to! Everyone we love will be by our side all the time! Now, doesn't that just sound WONDERFUL?!?!


Candice Pair said...

One of my really good friends lives in Mt. Juliet...and my bff just moved back to Memphis from there. They both LOVE it...you will, too! Loved the pics of your sweet little UT fan!

chesley said...

you mean you can't bend over like that even with your mojo band =)?! i'm sure you miss home, but we love you here too! good luck on the house. i know exactly how you feel!!!

Ashley E. said...

I'm so glad you got to experience Orange leaf!!!

Angie said...

our last house was on the market for almost a year, so I know how it is to have to run out of the house with a baby in tow. If you ever need a place to go, you are always welcome here...we love company. And adult conversation! :-) Good luck!


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