Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Monday

Whew! I just sat down and I am T-I-R-E-D! Connor is barely scooting around the house, but it is wearing me out! I know it is only going to get worse. I'm thinking it is time to retire the activity mat. He never plays with the toys on it anymore since he knows he can move around. In fact, the only thing he does want to play with is the computer cord. Go figure. I have a bunch of random things I want to post about, so I thought I would just make this a post full of randomness. You don't mind do you?

-I have got to start exercising. I'm not so much concerned about my weight, just the extra bit of skin (all together now: YUCK!) that is hanging out on my stomach. I am starting to see remnants of what I used to look like, which makes me think I could get there with a little bit of effort. It would also probably help if I would quit buying Groupon deals for cupcakes! As of this morning, I am the proud owner of 2 separate coupons for a total of 18 cupcakes! ha. But honestly, could you have said no to either of these?

The traditional wedding cake. You can't ever go wrong with this one.

Miss Princess, you never fail me. It is white cake with fresh strawberries, cream cheese frosting, topped with pink sugar crystals. It was seriously the best strawberry cupcake I have ever had. It is just the right amount of strawberries.

-I bought Connor some new pj's and I just love them. I keep him in them as long as I can in the morning (read: as long as he can go without spitting up all over them). I'm pretty sure he likes them too.

-Pam bought him his first pair of Hanes. Aren't they adorable?! I also love how he crosses his little ankles now. So stinkin' cute.

-He got his first boo-boo last week. He screamed so loud I was expecting a black eye or blood! As you can see, it wasn't much and he was pretty much ok once I picked him up.

-I saw my first orange tree of the season. I almost pulled over just to stare at it. That is one thing I will miss if we were to ever leave Tennessee. The fall is beautiful here! Speaking of fall, I have yet to decorate my house, which is for me!

-We have had it up to HERE with Dish Network and are contemplating switching to Direct TV. Our problem is that we lose service if it even looks like there might be a cloud in the sky. That and it is $90 a month. We can't get any form of cable where we are, so Comcast and AT&T U-Verse are out of the question. Do any of y'all have Direct TV? Do you have good service? Help!

-I really want to try to start posting everday, which is why I packed this one full of all the random things I have been wanting to talk about. I know I will really enjoy looking back on this blog in the future and reading about all of the fun things Connor and I did together :) Now we just have to start doing more things...haha.


The Simpson's said...

We have DirectTV and LOVE it! Ours rarely goes out. We live on a ridge so it gets pretty windy and rough during storms, but DirectTV survives! The one time it did go out it was because the wind had turned our satellite practically around and they came right out and fixed it. Just an FYI! And Connor is so cute. I read your blog just to look at pictures of him!

chesley said...

we have direct TV, but it does go out when it storms. We usually have local channels still, but nothing else. we like it anyway. we had Charter & were paying a FORTUNE for it! We have more now & pay less.

Forget Me Not Events said...

We have DirectTV and love the service, but do not love the price. We've been paying $55 for an entire year, and just now (after the first 12 mos), it's jumped up to $93! Ugh!!

Kelly said...

Heath's parents live out in the country and have Direct. It has been their favorite so far!

Angie said...

We have direct as well, but like you said it's $90. So, matt just looked into having a mega antannae installed in our attic, which should enable us to catch at least all the local digital chanels for free. We're tired of paying so much for NPT. :-)


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