Sunday, September 19, 2010


We have had a football filled weekend! Friday night we went to the Friendship (Matt's highschool) homecoming game. He sent me an email early in the day asking if I would have any interest in going. "Heck yeah," I said! I have been eagerly awaiting taking Connor to a football game. He loves being outside, he loves people and isn't bothered by loud noises. He was born to attend football games! There was a man blowing one of those awful annoying horns and I immediately looked over to him to see if he was going to start crying. He smiled. Go figure ;). He even fell asleep at one point! It makes me that more excited about taking him to the TN-Ole Miss game in November! I just have to find some little earplugs for him because I am going to go ahead and say that the noise will be a little bit louder :). I got a little glimpse into my future watching all the little boys running around playing. I have no doubt Connor will do the same.

This was a picture of us (Connor and I ;) ) before the Friendship homecoming game last year. I was 16 weeks! I think it is hilarious that I thought I was showing then. If I only knew how big I would end up getting! ha

This is us now! (I LOVED Connor's outfit. He looked like such a preppy little boy!)

Saturday we had plans to drive down to Nashville and watch the UT game with some friends. Matt was playing in a golf tournament, so Connor and I headed down there by ourselves. We went to Rachael's house first to watch the rest of the Razorback game. Connor got to watch his first Hogs game and wear his hat! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him in it. I will have to next week, as we play Alabama and I would just absolutely die of happiness if we beat them. I think Matt will even cheer for us against Alabama! Maybe I could even convince him to call the hogs!!!!

Once the UT game began, we headed over to our friends', Jennifer and Austin, house. We only got to stay for an hour before we had to head home, but we got some pretty funny pictures of Layla and Connor.

Looking at Rach's camera. I'll have to get a copy from her.. So cute!

"Hey, woman. Give me a hug!"

"I can't believe it worked!"

Oh, and completely off the subject. We got Connor's 6 month pictures done by Chesley on Saturday morning. She put the sneak peek up on her blog and they make me absolutely giddy with excitement. If we stay in this house we are going to have to add on just so I can more wall space to hang pictures!

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Candice Pair said...

Oh my gosh when I saw your pic I thought you were pregnant again haha! I love his UT hat! And I'm going to check out his pics right now!


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