Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1/2 Birthday!

Gosh, so much has changed in a month! We have a VERY busy baby! It is so rare for him to sit still and I LOVE it! As you can see in his picture, I had to move the sign above him this time. Everytime I tried to tape it to the lamb he would instantly try to grab at it. :)

Connor at 6 months you:

-weigh 17 lbs (39%)
-are 26 1/2 inches long (51%)
-have a head that is 44 cm around (56%)
-have 2 teeth coming in on the bottom!!!!!! They are so cute. I look at them everday, but also kind of tear up. You are growing WAY too fast!
-have started sleeping like this:
and while I think it looks terribly uncomfortable, it is so precious.
-found your toes on your 5 month birthday and became fast friends.

-chose your 1/2 birthday to start sitting up and mastering the army crawl. Now if you see something you want across the room you will slowly make your way towards it. 9 times out of 10 it will be something you aren't supposed to have, which has been a common theme these last few weeks.
-are still an unbelievably happy baby. You love attention and will reward whoever is giving it to you with a smile.
-have really started giving us big belly laughs more. They are like music to our ears!
-started recognizing babies and little kids and love them! You usually try to grab them and will sometimes even talk (or yell!) to them! I took the following picture while he was Your Baby Can Read.

There is a little girl on there that makes him do this every single time she is on the screen.

-give kisses. You will leave my face a slobbery mess afterwards, but I definitely don't mind!
-have gotten much better about your naps. Some days you will take them both without a fight. Some days you play in your crib until you fall asleep. I love those days. If I could hit record on my video monitor I could probably win a million dollars. Your favorite thing is to lift the bumper pad down to monitor your bedroom. I think you just know something is going on outside of your crib that you might miss! Here he is in action:

I also woke up one day last week and checked the monitor to see if you were awake. This is what I found:

Who knows how long he had been like this!
-have started reaching out for me! Sometimes while I am cleaning house I will put you in either your exersaucer or Johnny Jumper. When you want me to get you, you will grab my leg when I walk by. It never works...yeah, right!
-experienced your first UT game.

I think it was your Daddy's proudest moment :)
We have definitely decided you are going to a handful and for that we feel so blessed! (check back with us in a year..ha!) Everyday brings something new and I thank God for allowing me to be this sweet boy's momma!


Anonymous said...

Happy happy 1/2 birthday big boy!!! :) Can't believe I have yet to love on you...grrrrr!

That picture of he and Matt is adorable! Momma Kel, your baby may be getting won over by that orange! Better hurry with those razorbacks or you will be soon out numbered for sure!!

Candice Pair said...

Happy 1/2 birthday to that sweet baby boy! I love the pic of him with the bumper pad!


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