Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I BLEED red...

I really do! Red, as in Razorback Red. My husband, on the other hand, bleeds Orange. Orange, as in Tennessee Orange. Luckily, we only play each other every 4 years. But when we do... there is fierce competition. I wear my Red, he wears his Orange. I call the Hogs, he sings Rocky Top. And usually, (if I'm being honest) I lose, he wins! Except for the 2006 season when #5 Darren McFadden ran all over them. I look back on that day as one of my favorite days in Tennessee. We were at a sports bar in Nashville watching the game and out of about 75 people there were only about 2 of us in Red. Oh, what a beautiful feeling! Then, in 2007, we went to the game in Knoxville. It was ugly. Coach Nutt made some HORRIBLE decisions that pretty much lost the game for us (How is his coaching style working out for you, Dad and Lance?! haha. note: my Dad and brother are huge Ole Miss fans).

So, even though we are "A House Divided" we make it work. We choose to look past the other's faults, per se, and love each other anyway.

But once we found out that we were going from a family of 2 to a family of 3, I started to get a teeny bit jealous of the fact that our little bambino would be a UT fan with daddy and mommy would be all by her lonesome during the games. That led me to do the unthinkable last year.

I bought a Tennessee shirt to wear to the game. ::insert picture of me wearing said shirt last year that is on our other computer and that I am too lazy to transfer::

And once we found out we were having a boy, I thought I might just cheer for UT when they weren't playing Arkansas. And now that he is here? I've gone even further.

I bought us matching UT shirts. Aren't they cute? I got them from Doodlebug Designs .

With that said, I still bleed Red and I always will. I will OF COURSE put Connor in that beautiful Red as often as I can and probably even teach him how to call the Hogs. I have to make sure he knows all of the important things in life...right?!


Lana Summitt said...

All right. You know my feelings on Tennessee. If you guys start driving around with flags on your car on Saturday just to do it, we can't be friends anymore!

Just kidding... but seriously, you would be taking our friendship to the limit.

Just kidding. Love you forever.

MiMi said...

Honey you cried at the car wash until you were 3 and a half! Just wait to wash the car when MiMi comes so i can hold him as we are going through the car wash. I cant stand for my little man to be afraid. Im so ready for another kiss!

Katie Jones said...

OH my gosh that is the cutest little Vols onesie ever! I'm going to check out the doodlebug site right now!


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