Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's how he rolls!

Connor finally rolled over yesterday! This time it was from back to front. The funny thing is how frustrated he gets once he is on his tummy. Eventually I'll roll him back over to his back and not two seconds later he is back on his tummy. Ha. What a show off ;).

He isn't showing any signs of rolling over from tummy to back again. He did it a month ago and hasn't really shown any interest since. What he tries to do now is scoot.

As soon as he lifts that head up and starts to use those arms I am in for it. I better get my rest while I can!

In other news, boogy boy is still avoiding afternoon naps. Dr. Mehrotra told me to let him cry for 20 minutes, go in and pat him/sing to calm him down. Well I do that and he will just not stay asleep. He will calm down, but not sleep. I am just NOT good at letting him cry. I know I will probably regret it later, but I also know the day will come when he doesn't need his momma to go to sleep :)
I hope everyone has had a good week. I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday!


MiMi said...

Look at our little man. How sweet he is and what a good mommy you are!

Valerie said...

You're right, he's gonna scoot his little booty all over the house soon! Love you!

Lana Summitt said...



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