Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning time

While getting up at the crack of dawn has never been my favorite thing, Connor has definitely made it easier. He is so happy in the morning and SO full of energy. (He must get that from my dad, his Papaw. Dad was always singing in the mornings and it used to drive me CRAZY! haha)

We do the same thing almost every morning. He wakes up (and if it's real early we will do a little cuddling in bed if he isn't rip roarin ready to go). I'll nurse him and let him play while I make my breakfast and coffee.

I had really been missing my coffee time in the morning and finally broke down and bought myself some good decaf. It's probably bad that I did because it is SOOOO good and it will be hard to go back to Folgers!

Have y'all ever used the aerolatte? If you put your cream in first and use the aerolatte it will froth up just like a Starbucks coffee! Great for a stocking stuffer (yes, I am already thinking about Christmas. I'm crazy!!)

Afterwards we have our bible study. Sometimes I'll just leave him on his playmat, but on the days that he wants to sit with me I will read it aloud to him. He has started holding onto my arm and it just melts my heart.
No better way to worship God than by holding this angel in my arms!

I like to keep him in his PJ's at least until he gets up from his morning nap because they are just too darn cute!

I could just kiss those little toes all day long!!!


Angie said...

Kelli, that is just so sweet. Enjoy that precious time...I have such sweet memories of my quiet mornings with Sophie. Connor is just as cute as he can be and always smiling!

Lana Summitt said...

LOVE coffee time! You can also buy heavy whipping cream- if you're feeling naughty- and froth that and then pour it into your coffee... if you just really wanted to treat yourself, which I like to do :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE my aerolatte! Put a little cinnamon on the froth...who needs Starbucks?


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