Thursday, July 22, 2010

Such a big boy and GREAT news!

We went to the eye doctor and she said there was nothing wrong with his eyes! I guess Dr. Mehrotra was just being cautious, but I am still very thankful. I had a feeling that is what the results were going to be, but I still felt a huge relief. She did an extensive eye exam and he did so good. He never even fussed and followed all of the lights. He even tried to take her light away from her a few times. I guess I need to start talking to him about sharing ;).

Don't you think he looks like he has more hair in this picture?!

He is starting to look like such a big boy these days. He is sleeping like one too! The past two nights he hasn't woken up until around 5:45 or 6. Last night he wouldn't even eat at his 10:00 feeding, so had I just left him asleep he would have slept for 11 hours! He never even woke up at 10, so I guess I should say I could have slept for 11 hours! haha

He is loving his cereal, which is a big reason I think he is sleeping, but I still think it is making it hard on him to have a BM. I'm still putting Karo syrup in it, but I am SO ready to be done with it! It makes him so sticky! He thinks that we aren't going to get the spoon to him mouth fast enough, so he has started "helping" us :) Let's just say that we both need a bath afterwards!

I get to go to one of the biggest consignment sales in Nashville tomorrow before it gets opened to the public! I am SO excited because he really needs some fall/winter dressy clothes. I am most excited for these outfits because of all the holidays! So, hopefully I'll get some good loot! Wish me luck!


Ashley E. said...

Yay Connor! I remember when we first started solids with Addi and it would take her days to poop. It made me so nervous! Oh and I LOVE consignment sales! The big ones are coming up in late August, but I can't wait!

Tara said...

You've got such a cute little guy! I wanted to let you know that Miralax was a big help for my daughter when she had BM problems. Previously it was only available as a prescription, but now it is over the counter. I'm not sure at what age a child can start taking it (it's a powder that mixes with liquid)but it might be something worth looking into. We still keep it on hand and she's 11...just in case. Hope all continues to go well.

Susan said...

Wow! Connor is growing so much!! He is a doll! Glad to hear his eyes are perfect! I have heard a lot of moms talk about their babies having "bm" issues... unfortnately my kiddos had/have the opposite... I hope that gets better for him and you:))


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