Sunday, July 25, 2010


You know how I told you I was going to the Encores and More Consignment Sale? WELL IT WAS AWESOME. April's boyfriend, Josh, works there and got us some passes to shop early with the workers. I was like a kid in the candy store. I told him he had made my day. I'm not so sure he thought I was serious... but I definitely was! I've already decided that next year I am probably going to work and put some stuff in their sale. Not only do they sell children's clothing, but adult clothing, every toy imaginable, cribs, home decor, even bikes!

I did pretty good, didn't I?!

That is a total of 22 outfits, 2 toys and a pair of shoes!

These are Matt's favorite:

Those sweaters look huge! I can't believe he will be in them in 3 short months.

And, these are my favorites:

I am a sucker for anything smocked! These look SO long, but a quick hem will fix that!

I LOVE these PJ's. I can't wait to see those sweet little feet in them.

One day it will be a Christmas outfit, but

also a cute little dino :)

Couldn't pass up a simple white Polo :) I also have some of those "blue jean" diapers. Have y'all seen that Huggies commercial with that little boy? I love it!

I was so proud of this Halloween outfit. I got it for $10 and I have already put the head on his little head and it is PRECIOUS. This could go under the list of "Matt's not-so favorites ;)

I just found out they had another drop off today and tomorrow. EEK! I still need a Thanksgiving outfit ;) I might have a problem...;)

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