Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rice Cereal, Anyone?

At Connor's 4 month check up his pediatrician recommended that I go ahead and start him on rice cereal. He said he would need the extra calories once he started getting more active and I can believe it! He is already contstantly on the move.

SOOOO we gave him his first serving last night and it went pretty well! More went in than came back out, so I will consider it a success!
I think he did get a little frustrated that 1)it wasn't constant and 2)sucking wasn't involved! The only way we could get him to settle down and eat was to put the video camera in front of him! HA! Today at his lunch feeding I had to act like I was videotaping him.

I'll leave you with the video Matt took to prove the power of the camera:

I think we might have a flair for the dramatic ;)


Lana Summitt said...

WHERE does that dramatic side come from?! Neither of y'all are! How funny!!

Angie said...

That is too funny! I tried William on rice cereal the other night...I will have to post the pics. on my blog when I do his 4 mo. post. to say he didn't care for it would be putting it lightly! oh well, I'm thinking he doesn't need the extra calories right now anyway. :-) Connor is just a doll!


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